Cleveland Rotary Club receives recognition for tree-planting challenge

Rotary Club of Cleveland 2017-2018 President Scott Lambert accepts the certificate of appreciation from club secretary Tommie Daniel.

Rotary International President Ian Riseley wanted Rotarians to look toward the environment, so he created “The Rotary International President’s Tree-Planting Challenge for 2017-2018.”

Rotarians around the world enthusiastically took President Riseley’s tree-planting challenge to heart, placing service above self by serving the environment and planting many millions of trees.  Healthy trees are the foundation for a healthy environment and a healthy environment will create a healthy community.

The Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) recognizes the Rotary Club of Cleveland for its contribution to President Riseley’s 1.2 million Tree-Planting Challenge. ESRAG’s hope is that President Riseley’s Tree Planting Challenge will serve as the starting point for Rotarians around the world to work to improve the environment using the premise of environmental sustainability.

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