Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office trots out new mounted unit

The horses, Jesse (right) and Maverick received rubs and pats on their shoulders from children and adults alike while they were on patrol.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has created a unique opportunity for the public to interact with sheriff’s deputies while on mounted patrol.

The current mounted deputies are members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Livestock Unit and can utilize the horses in their daily jobs of rounding-up horses and/or cows that can be difficult to catch on foot. The deputies use their own horses, provide all of the care and most of the equipment needed to perform Mounted Patrol duties.

The Mounted Unit has hopes of expanding as more Deputies and horses receive the proper training. In the future, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office can utilize the Mounted Unit for search and rescue operations, crowd control/direction at mass gatherings, as well as additional security for public festivals, fairs and events.

Recently, The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol provided security at Bull Salas Park for the annual East Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo. This was the first time that the Sheriff’s Office has debuted the new Mounted Patrol. With tons of photos, handshakes, high fives and the hundreds of “Thanks for being here!” comments making it a huge success.

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