Wild hogs venturing into Cleveland business district

Terri Manners and Clifton Wilridge with Main Street Bank survey the damage caused by wild hogs to the bank's lawn.

The lawns around Main Street Bank in Cleveland were damaged earlier this month by a group of wild hogs. Bank Branch Manager Terri Manners arrived at work to find the feral hogs, in their quest for grub worms and insects, had uprooted a section of the lawn that runs the entire south side of the building located on the 900 block of E. Houston, across from Cleveland City Hall.

Fortunately, the hogs did not damage water or sewer lines, or underground electrical systems. However, their appearance in heavily populated areas has caused some concern.

Cleveland Police Chief Darrel Broussard is working with trappers to remove the population of pigs that has moved into the city. He says wild hogs have been displaced by growth that is occurring all around the city.

“The calls we get about wild hogs are infrequent – about one every two weeks. People will report that hogs have been rooting around their yards,” Broussard said.

With laws prohibiting the discharge of firearms and other weapons in the city, except in self-defense or defense of another, Broussard cautioned homeowners about taking matters into their own hands if they are seeing wild hogs near their homes.

“If you are attacked, you have the right to defend yourself, including the use of a firearm. In other situations, you need to call law enforcement and let us handle it,” the chief said.

Working with trappers and city management, law enforcement will determine if a trap is the best solution. As pigs are nomadic, they cover a large amount of ground, so trapping them can be challenging.

“The area where we see the most pigs is in the Glen Park addition near Eastside [Elementary]. They haven’t attacked people, but they have damaged some yards,” he said. “Some of the workers on the pipelines around Cleveland have reported wild hog activity. We’ve gotten some reports about that. They do a lot of rooting and can cause some trouble to septic systems and any other water or sewer system that isn’t buried deep.”

To report wild hogs in the City of Cleveland, call Cleveland Police Department at 281-592-2622.



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