Hunt’s Picks: Sandra Brown’s crime thriller puts readers in ‘Tailspin’

By Melvin Hunt

This month, I am recommending a new book by crime novelist Sandra Brown, author of 60 New York Times’ bestsellers.

In Brown’s book “Tailspin,” the hero is Rye Mallett, who is called a freight dog. He is sent out in impossible weather to make a delivery from Columbus, Ohio, but his boss, Dash, isn’t certain the delivery can be made to Atlanta.

He sets out in inclement weather to fly a black box holding a drug used to treat cancer called GX-42. The fog is so thick that Mallett cannot see to safely land.  As Mallett starts to land, someone flashes a laser into his eyes. Temporarily unable to see, he is forced to crash land his plane.

After landing, Mallett encounters Dr. Brynn O’Neal, and later encounters Goliad and Timmy. Timmy is the guilty party who shined the laser in the Mallett’s eyes. Mallett and O’Neal wind up in the hands of Senator Richard and Delores Hunt, who hope to use the drug to cure the senator.

O’Neal also hopes to cure a patient of hers. This winds up in a battle to determine who will get GX-42 and who will die. Read the book to find out who succeeds. This is definitely a good book.

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