Cleveland ISD names Star Students for week ending Oct. 26, 2018

Every school year, Cleveland ISD teachers are asked to pick some of the students they believe deserve to be in the spotlight for their actions, academic successes and attitudes. The following is this week’s list of Star Students:

Southside Elementary

  • Alexander Cantero (Pre-K) Alexander is always kind and respectful. He pays attention and is also an excellent friend! ~B. Capo
  • Isabella Jordan (Pre-K) Isabella is so sweet! She is always eager to learn and pays attention. ~B. Capo
  • Yeimi Ramos (Pre-K) Yeimi is such a sweet heart! She always uses her manners and is considerate of others. Every time we go to the restroom she makes sure all papers are picked up from the floor. She is a pleasure to have in my class this year. Way to go Yeimi! ~B. Marquez
  • Aliyah Garcia (Pre-K) Aliyah always comes to school with a smile and eager to learn. She is so sweet and a pleasure to have in my class. Way to go Aliyah! ~B. Marquez
  • Benjamin Lopez (1st grade) Benjamin is one of the hardest working students in my class. He sticks to it and he never gives up! I am so happy he is in my class. ~K. Gunnell
  • Orlando Miranda (1st grade) Orlando is an amazing student! He is always polite, respectful and kind with everyone he encounters. He is always on task and enjoys coming to school. He is a joy to have in the classroom. Awesome! ~E. Hernandez
  • Alex Penaloza (1st grade) Alex is a wonderful student! He is kind to others and always strives to do his best in class. He is very successful at AR! Way to go Alex! ~E. Hernandez
  • Dayana Ibarra (1st grade) Dayana has improved so much, she bring a smile every day and works hard by participating and being kind to all students. ~D. Slocumb
  • Johnny Lope (1st grade) Johnny is an excellent student and always is helping other students and teachers. ~P. Lopez-Velarde
  • Charleigh Paterson (1st grade) Charleigh is my star student because she has good behavior and her effort in her school work has been wonderful! She is a great example of hard work! She put her mind to making improvements and she did! I am so proud of her and all her hard work! ~D. Burkett
  • Kiria Baldera (2nd grade) Kiria is a great student and very dedicated. ~J. Martinez
  • Nathaniel Anderson (2nd grade) Nate has been working hard in the science lab and his efforts are very much appreciated. ~B. Atkinson
  • Keila Aguilero (2nd grade) Keila has outstanding behavior, great work ethics and good manners. ~M. Box
  • Zoe Nieves (2nd grade) Zoe is a hard worker, she participates with enthusiasm and has great grades in her Common Assessments! ~N. Petersen
  • Bertin Rojas (2nd grade) Bertin is a hard worker and very helpful student. He always gives his best. ~N. Petersen
  • Mabelline Chavez (2nd grade) Mabelline has progressed very well and is doing excellent in both math and science. I am so proud of her. ~J. Hendrick
  • Joe Amaya (2nd grade) Joe works very hard in English and loves math. He loves to the competition of playing partners in math teamwork. He is very excited about learning. ~J. Hendrick
  • Miguel Jaimez Gonzalez (3rd grade) Miguel is doing so well at his reading skills, and preparing himself to face 3rd grade challenges. ~A. Iglesias
  • Bryan Melgar (3rd grade) Bryan is doing so well with his academic progress, I am so proud of him. ~L. Mooser
  • Arturo Reveulta (3rd grade) Arturo has good work ethics! Thank you Arturo! ~DG Armitage
  • Annette James (4th grade) this awesome student helps one of our special needs students. She has become a great mentor for them. When she sees Annette, she gets a great big smile on her face. Thank you Annette for being an amazing student. ~L. Gibson
  • Christopher Smith (4th grade) Christopher is a star student for meeting his learning goal! ~T. Cates
  • Jamie Brandon (4th grade) Jamie is a star student for meeting his learning goal! ~T. Cates
  • Sheyla Gomez (4th grade) Sheyla is a student that always give the best of herself in everything she does. I am proud of her and very grateful to have her in my class. ~N. Caraballo
  • Heidy Garcia (4th grade) Heidy takes pride in the fact that she loves books and reading. She demonstrates excellence in her academic work as well. I am very proud of her. ~S. Franco
  • Cindy Sorto (4th grade) Cindy has such a positive attitude. We appreciate how she cooperates with her classmates. Thank you for being such a hard worker. ~C. Denby
  • Cesar Jordan (4th grade) Caesar is such an amazing young man. He takes pride on doing his best on all his classwork. Thank you for being so polite and kind. ~C. Denby
  • Billy Martinez (4th grade) Billy is such an amazing student. He is very focused on doing his best and encourages those around him to do the same. Thank you for being so polite and kind! ~K. Eakin
  • Genesis Alanis (4th grade) Genesis is an example of excellence. She is a hard worker, disciplined and eager to learn. ~S. Franco
  • Naomy Luna (4th grade) this amazing student has become friends with one of our special need students. She helps the student play the games, line up correctly, dance, and so much more. Naomy is so loving and caring about others. Thank you Naomy. ~L. Gibson
  • Jheidy Espinosa (4th grade) Jheidy is committed to learning and working hard. ~S. Franco
  • Frida Cuellar (5th grade) Frida is a great student! She is friendly to everyone, always very polite, and works very hard in school. ~C. Davis
  • Mrs. Wardlow’s Homeroom (5th grade) Thank you Mrs. Wardlow’s class for being kind to everyone in class and including everyone. ~M. Kane
  • Lindsy Celarie (5th grade) Lindsy had a wonderful day and was extremely helpful. Lindsy is a hard worker and is willing to adapt to anything; I just love that about her. It is a delight to have her in my class and see the growth in her leadership attributes. She is a hard worker and a strong leader in our classroom. ~M. DeVost-Animas

Northside Elementary

  • Avery Crowel (Pre-K) Avery has a great attitude and is always smiling. I look forward to seeing her each morning, her sweet smile brightens my day! ~B. Smith
  • Kenya Beasley (1st grade) Kenya is a great role model for her peers! She made sure she was following rules and procedures when no one was watching! She. Is. Fantastic. ~S. Clancy
  • Carson Baker (1st grade) Carson is very well mannered and respectful. He is a joy to have on campus! ~B. Smith
  • Destiny Cairnes (1st grade) Destiny is always on task and helping out her peers. She is very kind to everyone and a joy to have in the classroom. Thank you Destiny for always being a star student! ~A. Williams
  • Dallas Ellenberger (2nd grade) Dallas is a RockStar! She is always on task, helping others, and working her hardest at all times! ~A. Trent
  • Giselle Marquez (2nd grade) Giselle is a very compassionate and sweet student who shows great leadership skills and character. ~T. Blackburn
  • David Andrade (2nd grade) David is a wonderful student who shows great progress in reading and writing. David is always willing to give it his best. ~T. Blackburn
  • Cesar Orozco (2nd grade) Cesar is a great student, he is always following instructions and helping his classmates whenever they struggle in reading. Way to go! ~B. LaRotta
  • Juan Campos (2nd grade) Juan is ready to learn every day. He is always working very hard to get the best of the lesson. Great job! ~B. La Rotta
  • Paola Martinez (3rd grade) Paola has grown so much since the beginning of the school! I have loved seeing her take change of her learning and pushing herself to do better.  Continue the hard work Paola! ~A. Golightly
  • Corbin Evans (3rd grade) Corbin works really hard in his math class! He is always willing to answer and try! We are very fortunate to have Corbin! ~S. Clancy
  • Ethan Edwards-Shedd (3rd grade) Ethan does a GREAT job working with his peers! He uses our Northside math language in class! ~S. Clancy
  • Justin Prado (4th grade) Justin is always working hard and doing his very best! ~B. Ellenberger
  • Angel Ojeda (4th grade) Angel is an excellent student in math and science. He continues to work hard to improve his already good math skills. He is a pleasure to have in class. ~D. Snyder
  • Hailey Mize (5th grade) Hailey is a great campus leader! She does a great job making sure the younger students on our campus are safe and know where they are going every day! ~S. Clancy
  • Lilliana Pena (5th grade) Lilliana has excellent behavior in class. ~S. Miniutti
  • Emily Howard (5th grade) Emily has an excellent behavior in class. ~S. Miniutti
  • Ja’niya Jackson (5th grade) Ja’niya is a hard worker! Thank you Ja’niya! ~S. Miniutti
  • Jose Hernandez (5th grade) Jose is polite and very well mannered. He is serious about his work and tries his best at all times. He never gives up, great job Jose! ~A. Baltrip
  • Estrella Gomez (5th grade) Estrella is a smart young lady, she is mature beyond her years and is very helpful, kind, and a thinker. It is a pleasure having her in my class. ~M. Delgado

Eastside Elementary

  • Gilberth Vazquez (Pre-K) Gilberth always goes out of his way to make sure the room is clean and his friends are being safe. ~B. Driver
  • Kaitlyn Kuykendall (Pre-K) Kaitlyn always comes to class with a positive and an eagerness to learn. She is a joy to have in class. ~B. Driver
  • Grace McClain (1st grade) Grace has a smile on her face that lights up my room every time she walks in! Plus, she always tries her very best! ~R. Henderson
  • Martin Martinez (1st grade) Martin always tries his best and treats others kindly. ~A. Fernandes
  • Nathalie Osorio (2nd grade) Nathalie is a great reader, she takes several AR tests per week and achieves her goals. Way to go Nathalie! ~J. Bermudez
  • Ronaldo Benitez (2nd grade) Ronaldo always participates in every class discussion and brings up good arguments. ~J. Bermudez
  • Cameron Navarro (2nd grade) Cameron’s a Star Student! He is always doing his work and always on his best behavior. Cameron is a leader in the classroom and he always volunteers to help his teachers and fellow students. He currently has really great grades too! ~Way to go Cameron! ~B. Cambrice
  • Jose Maravilla (2nd grade) Jose is truly a wonderful student. He comes to class every day ready to learn, and putting forth so much effort. He is a hard worker in his  studies and very kind hearted to others. ~C. Fisk
  • Yuliana Flores (2nd grade) Yuliana is a joy to have in my classroom. She is very respectful and always follows the rules and directions given. She is very sweet and a wonderful girl! ~C. Fisk
  • Landyn Lee (2nd grade) I have been praising him for his good attitude, and today his behavior has been excellent. Thank you Landyn ~D. Heller
  • Stephanie Gomez (3rd grade) Stephanie follows rules everywhere she goes. She tries her best and her grades reflect it. Stephanie completes work at every station, and works quietly. She even helps other students, when needed. Way to be Stephanie! ~T. Luna
  • Valeria Islas (4th grade) Valeria has been working very hard, she made top scores on her Reading & Writing Common Assessment this week. This is added to her excellent behavior in class, she enjoys helping her peers and her teachers. Great job, Valeria! ~D. Anez-Chirino
  • Hector Gutierrez (4th grade) Hector has been doing really great each week. He is demonstrating great leadership and effort every day. He does well at AR, meeting his goals. Way to go Hector! ~D. Anez-Chirino
  • Raquel Umana (5th grade) thank you Raquel for picking up and keeping our restroom clean. ! ~D. Fontenot
  • Anahi Alvarez (5th grade) Anahi offered to give up her seat and stand so that another student could have a seat. She was not prompted or asked, she willingly did this!  Awesome behavior and choices to show other students kindness. ~H. Mayorga
  • Rosa Jaimez (5th grade) Rosa has shown progress in her comprehension of the English  language. She has also gained the confidence to being speaking in English! She is beginning to work independently, she is persistent. Rosa is always willing to participate and says she wants to learn English so she can be a teacher! Way to go, Rosa! ~L. Sanchez
  • Burl Bunting (5th grade) Burl always has a positive attitude and works hard for me. ~R. Henderson
  • Cherish Williams (5th grade) Cherish picked up a plate in the cafeteria that was not hers and threw it away without being asked. ~T. Kourakis
  • Chloe Hill (5th grade) Chloe is a great leader. She always has a smile on her face. ~B. Magner

Cleveland Middle School

  • Andrew Morris (6th grade) Andrew is always making sure our campus is a Safe Campus! Thank you Andrew! ~M. Williams
  • Levi Speer (6th grade) Levi is a Star Student because he is so excited to come to class and learn something new in math. He is a great participant in class discussions and a wonderful role model. ~R. Meers
  • Jennifer Maldonado (6th grade) Jennifer is always so kind and polite to all her classmates. She has a great attitude in class. Thank you Jennifer for being a Star Student. ~R. Meers
  • JairoArrendondo (6th grade) Jairo is a great role model in the classroom. He always comes to class to try his best. Thanks for being such a great student Jairo! ~R. Meers
  • Angel Dircio, Jabari Waller, Esmeralda Martinez, & Christopher Roman (6th graders) these students were outstanding students while I had a substitute. The sub bragged on how well-mannered and behaved they were. Thank you for being such wonderful examples! You guys ROCK! ~S. Hurst
  • Brittany Rivera (7th grade) Brittany is a hard worker and a model student. ~S. Currie
  • Antonio Barron (7th grade) Antonio is the student aid during his 6th period, he will do anything, including what is not asked of him. He cleans our sink area without ever being asked. Way to be Antonio! ~A. Thornton
  • Jose Granados (7th grade) Jose is an amazing student! He has a positive attitude, works extremely hard, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. I am so proud of you, Jose! ~S. Rivas
  • Alyssa Coughlin (7th grade) Alyssa is an absolute RockStar. She has been volunteering to help with problems every day in class. She is extremely helpful and super sweet. ~M. LeHolm
  • Brooke Brandon (7th grade) Brooke has been an excellent student all year long. She is always on task and models great behavior in the classroom. Brooke is hard working on the path to success. ~C. Gordon
  • Emily Medrano-Purcell (8th grade) Emily has met and accomplished her goal in AR! Way to go Emily! ~A. Kettelkamp
  • Alfonso Camacho (8th grade) Alfonso has met and accomplished his goal in AR! Way to go Alfonso! ~A. Kettelkamp
  • Alexander Angeles (8th grade) Alex always has a wonderful attitude and he works very hard in class! ~S. Snyder
  • Vincent Sanchez (8th grade) Vincent has met and accomplished his goal in AR! Way to go Vincent! ~A. Kettelkamp
  • Antonio Mercado (8th grade) Antonio has met and accomplished his goal in AR! Way to go Antonio! ~A. Kettelkamp
  • Logan Faust (8th grade) Logan has a great work ethic and is very helpful to his peers. ~S. Snyder
  • Joshua Alfaro (8th grade) Joshua is always smiling no matter what happens. He is kind to all the students, and he often ask how my day is going. He is a joy to have in class and such a positive influence on others. ~T. Mol
  • Fidel Castro (8th grade) Fidel is a new student who works very hard in Science and is very enthusiastic! ~B. Buchanan
  • Tylia Cannon (8th grade) Tylia always is willing to help, she always is in a positive and encouraging mood. I am lucky to have her as a student. ~Coach A. Hollie
  • Emily Martinez (8th grade) Emily takes her assignments seriously and she encourages others to do well. She is always pleasant and respectful, I am so glad she is in my class. ~T. Mol
  • Tyric Cannon (8th grade) Tyric is an amazing student, he always has a positive attitude. He is respectful to his teachers and his peers. ~N. Matlock
  • Claudia Rodriguez (8th grade) Claudia has been a real help at the high school! She works at every home football game serving customers at the Bistro and then selling tacos at the football game. I look forward to her in my class next year! ~K. Steinbach
  • Levi Richter (8th grade) Levi has improved so much in my class since the beginning of the semester. I am so proud of his work and effort! ~A. Schimmel

Cleveland High School

  • Shane Scherer (9th grade) Shane is a joy to have in class. He is always positive and ready to work, he is a great role model for his peers by helping them when needed. ~J. Olmsted
  • Autumn Appling (9th grade) Autumn has outstanding citizenship! ~A. Prater
  • Denise Zavala (9th grade) Denise is very committed to her school work. She always participates in class, she is definitely a model student. ~C. Moreno
  • Britney B Rivera (9th grade) Britney I am so proud of her with all she has accomplished. She is an amazing student and truly shines bright! ~A. Malaver
  • Alan Catana, Alyssa Silva, & Macdal Facundo (11th, 11th, & 9th grade) Congrats to these students for qualifying and competing in the Regional Cross Country Meet. ~Coach A. Cruddas
  • Tylor Isaack (10th grade) Tylor is making great progress in his readying. We are very proud of his work in all of his classes! ~G. Ford
  • Viviana Recinos (10th grade) Viviana is a bright young lady with a very bright future. She is kind and considerate, empathetic and intelligent. She will succeed no matter what she chooses to pursue after high school. I am blessed to have her in my calls. ~J. Wallace
  • Tatiana Jones (11th grade) Tatiana is a student whose mere presence is noticed by all around her. She draws people into her inner circle like no other student I’ve seen. She is vibrant and enthusiastic, and she will make a fine health care provider one day! ~J. Wallace
  • Aurorah Sheppard (11th grade) Aurorah is an amazing student and Video Club Member, she gladly handles any task I ask of her. And she will coach/train our new members. We appreciate everything she does, thank you Aurorah for being such an awesome person in general! ~E. Hagen
  • Dassiel Church (12th grade) Dassiel always stays for Friday Night Lights at the Bistro and does an incredible job. She shows up early, stays late and always has a smile with a can do attitude. Dassiel is a major asset to the program. ~A. Pope
  • Alexis Ramirez (12th grade) Alexis has stayed twice for Friday Night Lights and has stayed in the dish-pit working his heart out. He steps up the plate without being asked, and he is a great asset to the team. ~A. Pope
  • MeryCarrero (12th grade) Mery works hard and is very respectful. I am proud toave her in my Pre-calculus class! ~G. Tarpomanov
  • Kayla Fletcher (12th grade) Kayla is a top student with a top average! She is well like and respected by her classmates. ~C. Jones
  • Fernanda Contreras (12th grade) Fernanda is a hard worker with a positive attitude. Every day she is here she works diligently to not just make more progress in her courses, but to learn and better herself. Because of her work ethic and diligence, I believe she will achieve all her goals and that she has a bright future ahead of her. ~G. Rappe
  • Benjamin Salgado (12th grade) Once Benjamin finishes and turns in his paper, he does not waste his spare time, instead he teachers other groups of classmates to understand and finish the assignment. ~L. Guiwa
  • Zoie Pillow (12th grade) Zoie is always cheerful and has a pleasant personality. She is a bright young lady, whom I have known for two years now. She is very polite and works hard doing what is right. She excels at all she puts her mind to and accomplishes many tasks. Keep up the awesome work! ~J. Youngblood
  • Aram Cruz (12th grade) Aram is a polite young man that is very helpful. He always asks if we need assistance and is always willing to work. He has a wonderful personality and shrugs off negative comments. I am proud of how he is maturing and becoming a great young man. Keep up the great work! ~J. Youngblood

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Linda Puga (10th grade) Lin da is working diligently every day to complete her my class  and she is a good example of a hard-worker! ~B. Simpson
  • Dillon Barton (10th grade) Dillon has turned his “ON” switch on. In the past month he has worked hard and focused on completing his coursework. He is a good example of “Get-er-done”. ~D. Seagraves
  • Jerren Boyett (11th grade) Jerren has made significant progress in his English 3B class, and I appreciate his enthusiasm for reaching his goals. ~V. Cox
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