Police: Van used in robberies found in Cleveland

A van thought to be involved in several robberies in the area was located Tuesday evening in Cleveland.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

A white Ford van believed to be used in several recent robberies, including two robberies of the Subway restaurant in Splendora, was located Tuesday evening around 5 p.m. near the intersection of Ross Ave. and Fourth St. in Cleveland, authorities say.

“We found out about the van through a Facebook post that said Cleveland PD had located an abandoned van. I contacted Cleveland PD to confirm and then headed that way,” said Lt. James “Troy” Teller, spokesperson for Splendora Police Department.

“Sure enough it was the van involved in the robberies in Splendora,” Teller added.

The ignition of the van was punched out and a license plate check determined the van was stolen out of Harris County, he said.

The van was transported on the back of a wrecker to the Montgomery County crime lab where it will be processed for evidence and fingerprints.

“We didn’t go inside the van because we knew it was going to the crime lab,” Teller said when asked if there any personal items inside that might identify the robbers.

“We have identified some kids believed to be responsible for multiple robberies,” Teller said. “One is from the Cleveland area and the rest are from Humble.”

According to Teller, the juveniles may be responsible for multiple robberies from Harris County and several in Humble.

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