Cleveland ISD names Star Students

Every week during the school year, Cleveland ISD administrators and teachers pick students who deserve to be in the spotlight for the successes. Below is the list of students for the week ending Feb. 8, 2019:

Southside Elementary

  • Grecia Contreras: (Kinder) Grecia is a star student for always coming to school with a smile and ready to help anyone with their work or classroom job. ~S. Charlot
  • Alisson Guevara Escobar: (2nd grade) Alisson has done an excellent job completing her assignments. She is kind to her friends and helpful to her teachers. ~B. Huggins
  • Gisselle Cantarero: (3rd grade) Gisselle is a very hard worker! She is also a very sweet student. She is a good friend to have and a great role model to her peers. She is the definition of an Excellent Student! You will be lucky to have her in your class. ~M. Moore
  • Hayden Gheen: (3rd grade) Hayden is such a wonderful student! He works so hard and tries his best every day! He proved hard work pays off when he won 4th place in UIL Storytelling. What an awesome student! So proud to be his teacher! ~M. Moore
  • Sheila Montenegro: (3rd grade) Sheila works so hard in class. She is very focused and gives her very best on every project. She is also an amazing teacher helper. She is kind and willing to help others with their work too. She is a blessing to have in my class. ~K. Dalton
  • Alicia Guevara: (4th grade) Alicia is an incredible student. She puts her all into every task given and encourages others to do the same. Thank you for being an amazing student!! ~K. Eakin
  • Faustino Martinez: (4th grade) Faustino is an incredible student. He puts his all into every task given and encourages others to do the same. Thank you for being an amazing student!! ~C. Denby

Northside Elementary

  • Freddy Gomez: (1st grade) Freddy is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met. As I was working in a small group, he stood up and offered his chair to a girl. He said the “ladies” are always to be seated before the boys. He always opens the doors for everyone and offers to help anyone in need. Chivalry is not often seen but still deeply appreciated! ~R. Castruita
  • Rocco Castruita: (2nd grade) Rocco is a very sweet and compassionate student who always follows directions the first time. He works his hardest and we enjoy his smiles that brighten up our classroom. ~T. Blackburn & A. Jones
  • Landon McManus: (2nd grade) Landon works very hard and has been trying his best in the classroom. He is always willing to answer questions and help around the classroom. Thank you, Landon! ~T. Blackburn & A. Jones
  • Katlynn Torres: (3rd grade) Katlynn is always trying to better herself, she makes sure to go above the AR goal each week. ~H. Porter
  • Arianna Medina: (4th grade) Arianna is a wonderful student. She is always striving to do her best and to help others. She is very kind to her peers and always following Northside Elementary expectations. It is a joy having her in class. ~B. Ellenberger
  • Daniel Sartin: (4th grade) Daniel continues to amaze me with his math skills. He once again achieved his goal on his Common Assessment. Keep up the good work! ~D. Snyder
  • Mariyah Johnson: (4th grade) Mariyah is such a sweetheart and always has a smile on her face. She works very hard in class and is always asking to help. ~D. Bashor

Eastside Elementary

  • Christopher Andrus: (Kinder) Christopher is very respectful at school, he works hard and is always excited to answer questions. ~S. Brown
  • Zoie Buentello: (Kinder) Zoie is awesome in class! She is always willing to help others and always excited to do her work. ~S. Brown
  • Alyssa Valez: (Kinder) Whenever Alyssa finishes her work she always looks for other things to do, whether it is helping her classmates or working on sight words. ~S. Brown
  • Kenzie Runnels: (Kinder) Kenzie is always respectful. She is very accountable for her action and is honest. ~S. Brown
  • Alexander Ramirez Velazquez: (Kinder) Alexander is always so proud of himself. His face lights up when you tell him “Good Job,” and he is always very energetic from the moment he arrives. He has improved so much! ~S. Brown
  • Jacob Aguirre: (Kinder) Jacob is doing so well, he has a great attitude and keeps working to complete the assignments. He always tries his very best. ~S. Brown
  • Memphis Vick: (Kinder) Memphis has been doing so well! He is eager to turn in the daily attendance and be my helper. He also knows when he has done something wrong and is honest and takes responsibility for it. ~S. Brown
  • Michael Marrone Espinoza: (1st grade) Michael is doing an awesome job reading to a friend and being patient when he ask questions. ~L. Houston
  • Landon York: (1st grade) Landon is a great student, he enjoys helping other student and his teacher. ~D. Ballard
  • Isaiah Murray: (2nd grade) Isaiah was listening to a friend read quietly and asking questions about the story! ~L. Houston
  • Juan Varela: (3rd grade) Juan has been a very hard worker in class. He shows enthusiasm with every answer he gets correct. ~A Bergen
  • Selvin Marcia: (3rd grade) Selvin is always ready to work and learn. I love his passion for school and how respectful he is. ~A. Bergen

Cleveland Middle School

  • Omar O. Garcia: (6th grade) Omar goes above and beyond in the quality of work he presents each and every day. He is ahead of the pack. ~D. Moore
  • Madison Scogin: (6th grade) Madison is already met her AR goal in College Readiness. Great job! Keep it up! ~P. Tuck
  • Romero Rangel: (6th grade) Romero achieved his AR goal for this 9 weeks! Great job! ~P. Tuck
  • Juan Garcia: (6th grade) Juan has already achieved his AR goal this 9 weeks! I am so proud of your efforts!! ~P. Tuck
  • Adi Garcia: (6th grade) Adi already achieved her reading goal for this 9 weeks. I am so proud of you, Adi! ~P. Tuck
  • Jessica Guzman: (7th grade) Jessica is quiet and focused on her work each and every class period. A model student. ~D. Moore
  • Brenda J. Tapia Martinez: (7th grade) Brenda works hard every day, she is always on time to my class and her work ethic is an inspiration to others. ~D. Moore
  • Demarion M. Swift: (8th grade) Demarion brushes off distractions around him to make sure he gets his work done every day. His average in my class greatly reflects this. ~D. Moore
  • Leonel Sanchez: (8th grade) Leonel is a respectful, and diligent worker in my class. I never have to worry about anything less than stellar with him. ~D. Moore
  • Alejandro Reyes: (8th grade) Alejandro is a leaders in his science class and works very hard! ~B. Buchanan
  • Elizabeth Viera: (8th grade) Eliza always has a positive attitude, she is always on time and prepared. ~M. Morales
  • Jose Suarez: (8th grade) Jose is always very helpful and offers help without being asked. He is such a pleasure to have in the classroom because he is always smiling and laughing. Jose always brings joy to all he is around. ~T. Pennington

Cleveland High School

  • Alexander Carswell: (9th grade) Alex is a very hard worker and will support his peers. He steps out of his comfort zone to be successful in his class. ~J. Olmstead
  • Mariela Villa: (9th grade) Mariela is always ready and willing to jump in and participate in class. This week she had some great insight and has pushed herself beyond what she initially thought she was capable of. I am extremely proud of her! ~C. Hutchinson
  • Rylie Currie: (10th grade) Rylie is always sweet and upbeat. Rylie is upbeat and motivated. ~M. Hale
  • Aynsli Dougherty: (10th grade) Aynsli is a very dedicated and talented student. Aynsli is very polite and a pleasure to teach. ~K. Jones
  • Charles Riles: (11th grade) Charles has been totally and completely engaged in our lessons this week. He has contributed to class conversations, challenging us in our viewpoints and as he makes himself better, is making the rest of us better too. ~C. Hutchinson
  • Katherean Carino: (12th grade) Katherean (Kat) is a wonderful student and an excellent leader. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to peers or teachers, and does with a joyful heart. She is funny and charismatic, and works really hard for all the things that she wants. Keep it up Kat! You are amazing! ~J. Wallace

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Alejandro Medina: (10th grade) Alejandro has shown great progress in my welding class. His attendance is perfect and he continues to work hard on his skills. ~T. Jones
  • Maria Jacobo: (10th grade) Maria has made a grand entrance to DLA! She has already proven her diligence in giving 100 percent to her studies! She took her time during her first STAAR quiz and achieved her goal! Great Job! ~V. Cox
  • Mayte Eloisa: (11th grade) Mayte just completed her Business, Marketing, and Finance course. Way to go, Mayte!! Keep working hard and accomplishing great things. ~Coach R. Millard
  • Jerren Boyett: (12th grade) Jerren is working diligently every day to complete his math class and setting a good example of hard work. ~B. Simpson
  • Luis Balderas: (12th grade) Luis joined us here at DLA recently, and he is making incredible progress in his Government class. He also achieved his goal on his History STAAR quiz last week. We expect him to graduate soon! ~G. Rappe
  • Esther Venegas: (12th grade) Esther has been giving extra effort to improve her essay-writing skills. Each day she shows diligence in all her work and she is always asking questions and trying to do things the right way. Great job Esther! ~V. Cox
  • Jerren Boyett: (12th grade) Jerren is a star student for completing his math requirements. Great job, Jerren! ~J. Fritts
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