Cleveland PD working to clear Class C warrants

Cleveland Police Department is relaunching its Most Wanted program in an effort to clear some of the numerous Class C warrants that have gone unpaid and remain in the municipal court’s system.

“We are going to start posting the names and photos of people who have long overdue Class C warrants,” said Capt. Scott Felts, spokesperson for Cleveland PD. “We might occasionally put in some felony cases, but most will be simple traffic citations like Failure to Appear and such.”

All of the warrants listed this week are for Class C misdemeanors.

“All of the violators listed have multiple warrants for their arrest,” Felts said. “We are encouraging them to make arrangements with the municipal board to avoid the embarrassment of a public arrest.”

For more information on the warrants, or to inquire about outstanding citations in your name, contact Cleveland Police Department at 281-592-2626. Ask to speak to Warrant Officer J. Abram.

This week’s list includes:

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