Dayton police: Expect traffic delays starting Tuesday morning due to I-10 shutdown

Travelers should expect a higher volume of traffic on SH 146 and US 90 in the Dayton area due to westbound traffic on I-10 being diverted.

“A large water vessel struck the pillars under the I-10 San Jacinto [River] bridge,” said Capt. John Coleman, spokesperson for Dayton Police Department.

As a result, the westbound traffic is expected to be diverted through Liberty County or along other routes.

“We expect traffic to be bad in Dayton starting tomorrow,” said Coleman, speaking of Tuesday, Feb. 12. “People need to factor that into their morning commute. There will probably be some delays.”

Dayton police officers are expected to be out manually operating traffic lights or physically directing traffic, Coleman said. “TxDOT and the highway patrol have already notified us. That’s who we got the notice from.”

Traffic in Dayton is already brutal with delays from the train that cross US 90 and commuters heading to work and school.

“Dayton traffic is already an issue a lot of times. This is going to make our tough situation a little worse,” he said.

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