Auto burglaries prompts call for tips from Cleveland PD

Cleveland Police Department is investigating several vehicle burglaries that have occurred in the last few weeks. Thieves presently appear to be targeting the south side of Houston Street.

“Detectives have indicated there have been no signs of forced entry; many vehicles appeared to have been left unsecured,” said Police Chief Darrel Broussard.

The burglaries are taking place between midnight and the early morning hours of 2 to 4 a.m. Thieves are targeting small personal items such as hand tools, electronic devices, such as cell phones and tablets, handguns, purses, and wallets with credit cards and money.

“Some victims have also reported large amounts of coins taken from inside their vehicles. Suspected actors are possibly riding bicycles or walking,” the chief said.

Citizens are asked to report any suspicious activity or persons to law enforcement, especially those seen in late nights and early morning hours.

“Citizens are being requested to monitor and check their home surveillance cameras regularly for uninvited people on their property,” Broussard said.

Here is how you can help:Take photos of personal items, and write down serial numbers, inscribe identifying information if no serial numbers are found.

  • Outside lighting, such as activated motion lights, dusk to dawn security lighting
  • Video surveillance cameras that record
  • Fencing – helps to deter unwanted persons from entering or crossing onto your property
  • Lock all vehicle doors in your driveway (always double-check)
  • Keep your homes, garages closed and sheds locked
  • Install a peep hole on doors, look out before opening your doors
  • When dogs bark, turn on your porch light and safely look outside
  • Shine a flashlight across your yard if you hear noises or become suspicious
  • Notify law enforcement and request them to patrol the neighborhood. Keep a phone handy.
  •  Homeowners are encouraged to have visible house numbers specifying their home address.  House numbers are very important, and helps first responders reduce response time; if there is an urgent emergency, and them needing to locate your home.
  • Remember most inactive cellular phones will still dial (911) if the phones battery still has power.
  • Notify Police of any travel plans or vacations, if you wish to request a special house or business watch on your residence while you are away.  

Anyone with information on the burglaries can be reported by calling 281-592-2626.

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