‘Captain America’ represents Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at holiday parade

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy and Crime Stoppers Coordinator Steven Squier, left, stands with “Captain America,” also known as Capt. Ken DeFoor of the Liberty County Sheriff's Office, prior to the start of the Fourth of July parade held Thursday at The Woodlands Market Square. DeFoor is the Liberty County coordinator for Crime Stoppers.

About four years ago, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office partnered with Liberty and San Jacinto counties in a joint Crime Stoppers program, which has proven to be of great benefit in clearing cases in all three counties.

Vehicles used by the Crime Stoppers program were purchased by the Multi-County Crime Stoppers program to be used by the coordinators to further the organization’s efforts and program.

The Board Of Directors are all composed of citizens who volunteer their time in support of the program, which is supported by probation fees and donations from the public as well as various fun raising events.

Crime Stoppers representatives, including Liberty County Sheriff’s Capt. Ken DeFoor and Forensics Tech Vita O’Reilly, and Montgomery County Crime Stoppers coordinator Steven Squier attended the Fourth of July parade at The Woodlands Market Square.

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