Young girls learn to sow seeds of goodness in lives, communities

A dozen young ladies recently completed the PINK'D program at the Cleveland River of Life where they learned positive character traits and how to handle life situations while making a positive impact on others.

By Rachel Hall, reporting for Bluebonnet News

Pink can be more than a favorite color. It can also represent positive character traits, according to Cleveland River of Life Director Zann LaFrance, who hosts an annual PINK’D program for young ladies between the ages of 11–17.

“PINK’D literally means ‘purity,’ ‘integrity,’ ‘nobleness,’ and ‘kindness,’” said LaFrance. “We recognize that these character traits are foundations to happy, successful, influential young women who make great impacts in their home, school, environments, and community.”

The program started eight years ago and continues to be held each summer with an application process open to any girl who meets the age criteria.

“Today’s young people are collectively experiencing situations and feelings long before they’ve matured enough to adequately handle it – creating a need for educational programs at a younger age,” explained LaFrance.

The goal is to provide the girls with appropriate tools and skills to handle life situations and to see the girls complete the program in its entirety

“Graduation is a very special day,” noted LaFrance.

A ceremony honors each girl with a certificate of achievement and an opportunity to share a testimony of not only what they have learned, but what they have discovered within themselves.

For some of the girls, it is the first time to be recognized and celebrated for who they are as individuals, according to LaFrance.

“The PINK’D program is such a healthy seed to sow in the hearts and minds of young ladies,” she said. “They take the lessons on purity, integrity, nobleness, and kindness and share those seeds with other girls… wherever they go; they are affecting people in positive ways.”

LaFrance knows the program has been a blessing to the girls who have participated to help them prepare for their lives ahead.

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are fully equipped to bring integrity into your every situation. You were hoped for and there is a plan for you,” she said to graduates.

Words of encouragement are also offered to young ladies who are considering being part of a future PINK’D session.

“Life, especially now, can seem really hard. Our emotions get in the way and we don’t realize that we have way more power over our situations, over ourselves. Maybe we don’t believe a single good thing about us. Maybe we think the worst about ourselves. Let us show you just how important you are. Let us teach you just how strong, creative, and amazing you are just as you are right now. You are perfect, right now, in this very moment. If you don’t believe that, I want you to come see me and let me show you the truth,” said LaFrance.

For additional information about future PINK’D sessions, programs for adults, and volunteer opportunities at the Cleveland River of Life, follow the organization on social media at

PINK’D participants fellowship with one another building friendships between lessons on purity, integrity, nobleness, and kindness.


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