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Features of some of the area’s most-interesting residents. If you want to recommend someone for a profile, send an email to editor@bluebonnetnews.com.

Tarkington rallies around family facing teen’s mounting medical bills

Turnout was light at a fundraiser for Tarkington teen Braden West on Saturday, July 28, at Tarkington Middle School. Roughly 50 people came to...

Bees the buzz at Honey Harvest in Liberty

As wild bee populations in the United States are declining, groups of dedicated apiarists, also known as beekeepers, are hoping to educate the population...

Cleveland Army veteran’s birthday request is help to prevent soldier suicide

Some people expect presents on their birthday, or at least a night on the town with friends. Army veteran and Cleveland businessman Jack Wieghat...

Liberty artist says don’t be scared to learn new hobby

By Vanesa Brashier Nearly every person has experienced the feeling of walking through an art gallery and looking at some abstract painting, and saying, “I...