City of Dayton receives Scenic City certification

The City of Dayton has been recognized as a 2019 Certified Scenic City by Scenic Texas. The Scenic City Certification Program recognizes cities for their demonstrated commitment to high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and spaces. The certification makes Dayton one of only 82 cities in Texas to be recognized as a Scenic City.

“The evaluation looks at streetscapes, parks, trails, litter, utility lines, sign regulations, related ordinances and more. These are all things that must be factored into development as our city grows,” said City Manager Theo Melancon. The qualifications for Scenic City certification align with everything we’re doing – things that will definitely have an impact on maintaining our home-town atmosphere and improving the quality of life to be found here in Dayton.”

The Scenic City Certification Program is a nationally recognized program, developed to provide cities with a comprehensive set of standards and evaluations. By participating in this program, the City of Dayton received an objective review of its existing infrastructure ordinances as they relate to model standards. Assessment is points-based, with a detailed evaluation that identified both strengths and areas for improvement. Dayton’s certification was earned by scoring points in the upper range, meeting threshold standards for landscaping, tree planting and sign regulation.

Assistant City Manager  Kimberly Judge and Planning Assistant Tami Green spearheaded the application, which required hours of documentation and information gathering to provide Scenic Texas with everything needed to evaluate the city.

“We couldn’t have done it without the efforts of our Planning Department,” said Melancon. “It was a lot of work, but the detailed evaluation of our existing infrastructure standards is invaluable, as it gives us a roadmap for future growth and development, showing us where we’re on track, and where we need to go.” 

The city will receive its Scenic City plaque at the Texas Municipal League’s Annual Conference in San Antonio on October 10. 

Scenic Texas, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our state’s visual environment, particularly as seen by the traveling public. Through the Scenic City Certification Program, Scenic Texas provides educational resources to Texas cities that are establishing or revising ordinances that impact the streetscapes. Additionally, Scenic Texas supports urban forestry projects, tree planting and preservation initiatives, the creation of scenic roads and districts, the establishment and funding of parks and green space, the forestation of our highways, and the preservation of historic areas. 

Joining Scenic Texas as partners in the Scenic City Certification Program are the Texas Municipal League, Urban Land Institute – Austin and Houston, Urban Land Institute – San Antonio, American Planning Association Texas, Houston-Galveston Area Council, American Council of Engineering Companies Houston, Hill Country Alliance, Keep Texas Beautiful, Texas Downtown Association, Texas Economic Development Council, Texas Historical Commission, Association of Rural Communities in Texas (ARCIT), Texas Association of Regional Councils, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Scenic Houston, and Scenic America.

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