Liberty ISD provides summer learning through Camp Invention

Campers form the Camp Invention Logo.

Liberty ISD hosted Camp Invention on July 8-12 with the all-new Camp Invention program – Supercharged. Campers gained confidence and learned to collaborate and transform their wild imagination into epic creations.

Students learned creative problem-solving skills while coding and programming futuristic robots, uncovering ancient fossils, designing high-tech superhero gadgets and exploring radio frequencies.

This action-packed program featured exhilarating, hands-on STEM activities teaching children to question, explore, break through obstacles and embrace failure.

Staff members were Lisa Little, Jo Ann Gilliland, Lauren Little, Kasey Mobley, Vivienne Kirkland, Amy Milentz, Penni Gilliland, Leigh Ann Sykes, and Kelly Goudeau.

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