Local businesses donate ATV to Dayton Police Department

Three Dayton businesses - JLA Realty, Fabrication and Construction Services, LP, and Frank's Collision Repair - donated toward the purchase of a new Polaris crew-cab ATV for Dayton Police Department. The Polaris was on display at the Broncos Tailgate Party on Aug. 29 in the Woodrow Wilson Junior High parking lot.

Dayton Police Department added a 2020 Polaris crew-cab ATV to its fleet last week, paid for through donations from JLA Realty, Fabrication and Construction Services, LP, and Frank’s Collision Repair. Each of the Dayton businesses paid $5,000 toward the $13,055 purchase from Martin Powersports in Cleveland. The remaining funds will be used to repurpose a city-owned trailer that will be used to haul the ATV, according to Capt. John Coleman, Dayton PD spokesperson.

“We have a lot of respect for the police department and the fire department. We know the need, with it being a rural area, can make it more difficult in getting to people in a crisis. Frank McClosky, the owner of Frank’s Collision Repair, is pretty big on helping law enforcement and the local community,” said Kory Whitley, manager of the Dayton location of Frank’s Collision Repair.

Coleman made the pitch for support to the local businesses. He said the donors were chosen by him because of their past support of the police department. All three immediately said yes.

“Everyone was more than happy to help. The businesses that donated didn’t do it just because there are good relationships between them and the police department, but because of the good relationships they have to the City of Dayton and community. I am glad we were able to make this happen,” Coleman said.

As the City continues to expand into more rural areas, Coleman said accessibility may become a problem for the department’s police cruisers.

“My pitch was that in the last two years the City has gone from 17 square miles to 34 square miles. Part of that annexation includes very rural parts of the county – areas that aren’t even accessible by our Tahoes right now,” Coleman said.

Chief Robert Vine says the ATV will be a valuable asset to the department.

“Not only will it be able to be used by our officers for emergency situations, it will also provide opportunities for our officers to interact in a positive way with the community at special events,” Vine said. “The generosity and support shown by these three civic minded businesses, and the individuals behind them, is very much appreciated and we look forward to paying it forward in our continued service to our citizens.”

With the City already investing large sums to make major upgrades within the police department, the ATV purchase would have been impossible at this time if not for the donations, Coleman said.

“The City has purchased body-worn cameras, new dispatch console and new in-car video systems, and a citywide reboot of our report-managing system. Plus the City has purchased five new Tahoe cruisers for the department in the last couple of years,” Coleman said.

Dayton Fire Department will be chipping in support for the ATV project by providing accessories, such as a windshield, winch, roof and emergency lighting.

“We will have a tote in it with everything necessary to process a major or minor crime scene,” he said.

Coleman also expects the ATV will be used to assist with patrols at civic events, such as the annual Dayton Ole Tyme Days, Boots and Bullets, Spirit of Christmas parade and the Dayton Broncos Tailgate Party.

“It will be helpful in patrolling confined areas with a high concentration of people,” he said.

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