Trivium Club of Liberty kicks off new season after summer break

Hostesses for the Trivium Club of Liberty's Sept. 10 meeting were (front row) Sandy Pickett, Ada Fay Schmidt and Gloria Stratton; (back row) officers Amy Milentz, Julie Hebert, Pam Turner and President Kimber Hinch. Submitted by Club Reporter Roberta Thornton.

The Trivium Club of Liberty held its first meeting of the new year on Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the home of member Sandy Pickett.

Club President Kimber Hinch distributed the yearbooks and she along with Vice Presidents Pam Turner and Amy Milentz went over the programs planned for the next year.

Treasurer Julie Hebert reviewed the proposed budget for the year. The members were happy to be back and visit with friends that they might have been out of touch with for the summer. 

Hostesses for the night were Ada Fay Schmidt, Sandy Pickett and Gloria Stratton. They provided a delectable treat for the ladies to enjoy as they visited with each other. 

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