Tarkington church opens its pantry to feed storm victims

Pastor Charles Stoker (in red hat) helps church members and volunteers load vehicles with food and water on Saturday.

While Hi-Way Tabernacle in Tarkington is still drying out from damage it received during Tropical Depression Imelda, Pastor Charles Stoker and several church members organized a food distribution on Saturday to help storm victims.

Dozens of cars lined up to receive provisions of food, water and cleaning supplies, and by 1 p.m., all the pallets of supplies were distributed. Late-comers were turned away with the promise that more supplies would be forthcoming.

A second shipment of food items is expected on Sunday. The distribution is set to begin around 1 p.m.

Bluebonnet News will have an article on the church’s damage from Tropical Depression Imelda later. The church had just completed most of its repairs from Hurricane Harvey and now is facing another recovery.

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