Tax office closing Friday to make move to new location

The new Liberty County tax office at 3210 US 90 will be ready for business on Monday. Over the last couple of months, the leased space that was formerly an Italian restaurant has been equipped with workstations, electrical outlets and cabling so tax office employees can make an easy transition to the new space. Pictured are Jo Anne Vinson Young, chief clerk of the tax office, and Tax Assessor-Collector Ricky Brown.

It’s moving day for the Liberty County tax office. At 12:30 p.m. Friday, the tax office, will close so that employees can move computers and other items to the new tax office space at 3210 US 90 in Liberty.

The move to the $4,000 per month leased space, formerly an Italian restaurant, was prompted by the Texas Legislature’s creation of a second county court at law. According to Ricky Brown, tax assessor-collector, the County spent roughly $70,000 to equip the leased building with cubicles and workstations, add electrical connections, upgrade the building’s Internet system and fortify doors.

One of the marked improvements at the leased space from the previous tax office is that clerks, with the exception of three supervisors, will have windows to serve the public. All workstations will be dual purpose to help residents with their vehicle registrations or property tax payments.

Liberty County Tax Assessor-Collector Ricky Brown admires the new state-of-the-art servers that have been installed at the new tax office location at 3210 US 90 in Liberty.

“We have 11 workstations with others for overflow on heavy days, like when the property tax deadline is nearing,” said Brown.

Brown designed the layout of the office with his closest to the front door so he can be accessible to residents with questions or concerns. Security will be provided on a rotating schedule by constables and deputy constables from all across the county, a system that Brown hopes will work.

On Monday morning, it will be business as usual when the tax office opens at the new location. The phones are already installed and records are being kept on a cloud storage system. Historical records have been moved to the new office and an area has been created to receive members of the public who wish to view the historical documents for research.

“I am pleased at how everything turned out. It’s how we visualized it,” he said.

A storeroom is now a records area for the public at the new tax office location at 3210 US 90 in Liberty.

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