Dayton Leadership Alliance looking for more members

The Dayton Leadership Alliance is growing in numbers every month. Pictured are the leaders who attended the Oct. 1 meeting. They are (left to right) Dayton ISD Emotional Support Counselor Lindsay Ruschel, Pastor Guy Williams from FUMC, Dayton Police Officer David Meyer, First Baptist Church Pastor Curtis Fahrlender, John Gable with Bridgehaven CAC, First Baptist Church Pastor George Ohmstede, Dayton Police Department Executive Assistant Tamara Alexander, Dayton ISD Administrative Assistant Dorrie Lang, Richard Lawson, Susan Giberson, Mike George, Kim Mulkey with Sterling Funeral Home, Dayton Police Chief Rob Vine, Dayton Councilwoman Sherial Lawson, Dayton ISD Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson and Dayton Police Capt. John Coleman.

The Dayton Leadership Alliance, a newly-formed, faith-based organization, is open to anyone with an interest who wants to attend the monthly meetings, held on the first Wednesday of each month, from 7 to 8 a.m., at Dayton Police Department’s training room.

“The Dayton Leadership Alliance is an opportunity for faith leaders, city leaders, business leaders and community leaders to come together for intentional prayer once a month,” said Rev. George Ohmstede, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dayton. “The mission is to empower leaders for community transformation that will improve the lives of all citizens in the Dayton area.”

The meetings begin with prayer, followed by discussions that center on improving the lives of Dayton residents. Ohmstede believes that by having leaders from the various groups work together, more can be accomplished.

“The City might do something, churches might do something and the school might do something, but if we pool our resources, then we can do more,” Ohmstede said. “Our vision statement is to provide an opportunity for believers of Christ within Dayton to live out the mission, pray for our City, serve our City and provide a unified work of Christ together so Dayton can be a city set on a hill shining brightly for the glory of God.”

The reference to the “city on the hill” comes from Matthew 5:14, which instructs Christians to be the light of the world.

“We want to be the light in our world here in Dayton. We know the world looks for answers in a lot of different places. We want to be one of those places,” he said. “We want God to move things and we want everyone who is interested to be a part of it. We are right now in the beginning stages of what this is going to be. We are lacking in business leadership at the moment.”

For more information on the group and how you can be a part of it, send an email to

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