Let them eat cake and ice cream

Cleveland firefighters Craig Grissom, Don'Dreon St. Julien and Travis Strickland (left to right) attended the 65th anniversary celebration of Austin Memorial Library on Monday, Oct. 14.

There is a long-standing tradition among fire departments that any time a firefighter’s photo runs on the front page of a newspaper, their name is published in a news article or they are seen looking at a video camera while fighting a fire that they must buy cake and ice cream for the rest of the firefighters at their station.

At the 65th anniversary for Austin Memorial Library in Cleveland on Monday, three firefighters reluctantly posed for a photo for Bluebonnet News, and Cleveland City Manager Kelly McDonald, in keeping with this long-standing tradition, asked that their photo be published on Bluebonnet News.

While it is not entirely their faults, the firefighters – Craig Grissom, Don’Dreon St. Julien and Travis Strickland – will be expected to provide cake and ice cream for their station at the next meeting.

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