Commissioners court meeting for Tuesday canceled

Liberty County Judge Jay Knight

The Liberty County Commissioners Court meeting for Oct. 22, 2019 has been canceled.  

After the County Judge’s office received complaints that the meeting materials for the Oct. 22, 2019 meeting were not posted on the Internet, it was discovered that the final steps in publishing the materials had not been completed.  

“The meeting materials had been posted in their usual locations at the Liberty County courthouse.  Because the Local Government Code requires posting in both locations for a county the size of Liberty County, any meeting on Oct. 22 may violate the County’s duties under the Open Meetings Act, according to the advice of our County Attorney,” said County Judge Jay Knight.

More fundamentally, citizens interested in the items to be discussed during the planned meeting may not have received the notice necessary to appear at Commissioners Court.  A substitute meeting will be scheduled as soon as possible and notice will be provided through the customary channels.   

The County apologizes for the inconvenience.

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