Cleveland woman given chance to win new Ford Mustang

Kaliyah Ryans won a chance to win a new 2019 Ford Mustang during Friday night's Cleveland High School football game. Ryans was given the opportunity to throw a football into the window of the vehicle from 35 yards away. Pictured with her are Bruce Martin with DeMontrond Ford and Cleveland ISD Superintendent Chris Trotter.

Professional quarterbacks make it look easy. Throwing a football 35 yards into the arms of an open wide receiver seems an easy enough task – until you try it.

Kaliyah Ryans, of Cleveland, found out on Friday that 35 yards is a longer distance than it seems on TV or from the bleachers. Her name was pulled from a box of 500 entries for a chance to win a new 2019 Ford Mustang from DeMontrond Ford of Cleveland.

“Right before y’all called my name, I thought about going up to my sister and telling her I won the car,” she said with a laugh. So when her name was announced over the stadium speakers, Ryans was surprised.

Talking to DeMontrond Ford representatives Chris Tine and Bruce Martin on the field, she learned there was a catch to winning the car. To win, she had to throw a Nerf football through the open window of the Mustang from 35 yards away.

On hand for the DeMontrond Ford contest to win a free 2019 Ford Mustang were (left to right) DeMontrond Ford New Car Sales Manager Chris Tine, Jeff McClain with KORG Radio, Cleveland ISD Communications Director Susan Ard, Bruce Martin with DeMontrond Ford, Cleveland High School Principal Dr. Glenn Barnes and Cleveland ISD Superintendent Chris Trotter.

An alumnus of Cleveland High School, Ryans says she participated in high school basketball, but had little experience with football prior to Friday. As Cleveland High School’s marching band performed its halftime show, Ryans got some practice tosses in.

After the announcer finished a countdown for Ryans to toss the ball, she gave it her best shot, but it wasn’t enough. The ball fell about 10 yards shy of the Mustang, which later was returned to the dealership.

Tine and Martin are already looking at future contests that could include both the Tarkington and Cleveland school districts, so contest hopefuls should start working on their athletic skills now just in case.

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