Female prisoner at SJC jail attempts suicide

A suicide attempt by a female inmate in the San Jacinto County Jail was averted by jail staff on New Year’s Day. According to Sheriff Greg Capers, the woman was found hanging in her cell by jailers during routine bed checks at 9 a.m.

Jail staff opened the door and began CPR while an ambulance was dispatched. When medics arrived, the woman was stabilized and transported to the helipad near the sheriff’s office where she was flown to Conroe Regional Medical Center.

Capers says the woman is in stable condition and being guarded while she recovers.

The sheriff commended jail staff for their quick response, which may have saved the woman’s life.

“The jailers were well within the time frame of when they were supposed to check on prisoners. They had checked on her 22 minutes earlier,” said Capers, adding that the requirement is that prisoners are checked every 30 minutes.

Because the suicide attempt happened while in custody, Capers notified the Texas Rangers.

“I’ve advised them of what we have done so far. There is nothing else to be done at this point,” he said.

According to Capers, the unnamed woman was being held on charges of drug possession and criminal trespassing.

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