Liberty Choir earns high marks at Solo and Ensemble competition

The Liberty Middle School Choir was represented at the Solo and Ensemble competition at Vidor Junior High School by Ethan Tulley, Shayleigh Myers, Maeghan Alsup, Daniel “D.J.” Frazier, Nova Ritchey, Daxton Frazier, Derrick Bennett, Kaden Kreuzer, Pearce Richardson, Thomas Colburn, Abbygail Colburn, Kirsten Erskins, Vinnisha Harris, Zoey Howard, Piper Hall, Abigail Vickers, Autumn Fielder, Kaylee Lopez, Emily Gwin, Madori Broussard, Alexandra Becerra, Raelea Putnam, Samantha Molina, Madeleine Szalay, Bailey Bendele and Alyssa Taylor.

Liberty Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade choir students participated in the Solo and Ensemble competition at Vidor Junior High School recently. Twenty-one out of twenty-seven students earned a first division rating, the highest rating that can be received.

These students are Maeghan Alsup, Alexandra Becerra, Bailey Bendele, Derrick Bennett, Abbygail Colburn, Thomas Colburn, Kirsten Erskins, Autumn Fielder, Daxton Frazier, Emily Gwin, Piper Hall, Vinnisha Harris, Zoey Howard, Samantha Molina, Shayleigh Myers, Raelea Putnam, Pearce Richardson, Nova Ritchey, Alyssa Taylor, Ethan Tulley and Abigail Vickers.

Out of the students earning a first division rating, six students were also awarded Outstanding Soloist: Bailey Bendele, Thomas Colburn, Kirsten Erskins, Daxton Frazier, Pearce Richardson, and Abigail Vickers.

The students attending also made up two ensembles from LMS: a two-part treble ensemble, and a tenor/bass ensemble. The Treble Ensemble earned a 2nd division and the Tenor/Bass Ensemble earned a first division rating.

These choirs are under the direction of directors Christie Bean, Mark Patterson, and Faith Hortman.  

Outstanding Performers are Thomas Colburn, Abigail Vickers, Kirsten Erskins, Daxton Frazier, Bailey Bendele (not pictured was Pearce Richardson).

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