Three-vehicle crash south of Dayton claims four lives

A wrecked Ford F-250 sits on the back of a wrecker truck after it was involved in a three-vehicle accident Monday morning on SH 146 south of Dayton. Four people were killed in the accident, including three people inside the Ford pickup.

Four people were killed in a head-on collision Monday morning in the 10000 block of SH 146 south of Dayton.

According to Dayton Police Officer Nick Turner, around 6:30 a.m. Monday, a southbound Chevy pickup truck with one occupant veered into the northbound lane of SH 146 and struck a Ford F-250 pickup truck with three occupants. All four persons were killed in the crash.

A third vehicle was involved in the crash but the driver suffered no critical injuries. The driver was transported by ground ambulance to a local hospital for treatment.

The three people in the F-250 were in a fleet vehicle and may have been on their way to work when the accident happened. Police are still investigating to determine if there were factors that caused the driver of the Chevy to veer into oncoming traffic.

Police say it appears the driver of the F-250 saw the oncoming vehicle and braked and swerved to avoid hitting it, but could not avoid a collision.

The accident caused SH 146 to close for a couple of hours while first responders, including Dayton Fire Department and Liberty County Hazmat, cleaned up the scene.

An update will be posted as information warrants.

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  1. I was stuck in this traffic. I take this commute every morning and I can’t tell you how many people are driving well over the speed limit, which I believe is a reasonable 65mph. I always take my time and stay vigilant on these roads, one because of fast drivers, but also because so many people now a days are on there phone’s while driving. People are becoming impatient due to advances in technology, next day delivery, fast food, etc. We need to step back and reflect on the consequences of our actions. Patience really is a virtue now more than ever.

    • We live about 6 are 7 miles out of dayton on 146 and you can here people stopping and racing r hear them going by our home so fast you cant hardly see them go by. Not very smart , theres the speeders ,the hogs or deer running out in the roads. You here the speeders , racers during the day , 12or 1 o’clock at night , in the morning , its crazy , just waiting for someone to end up in the yard. Yea where are the cops !!!!-

  2. This road is a deathtrap from Dayton to interstate 10. The police will do nothing about it. I have noticed it’s always the same people driving well over 80 every morning. I have a work truck and am limited to the speed limit I fear every day I’m going to get rear ended. Again if the police including hwy patrol will not do there jobs they need to be looming for another job.

    • Jackie, Thank you.
      One of the accident victims was my husbands cousin. This is a very sad day for all the families who are suffering from losses of thier loved ones.

  3. It’s sad but it’s a 4 lane highway shouldn’t be that many accidents it use to be bad when it was 2 lane people just dont think by going 80 your only going to gain a couple minutes it’s not worth it

  4. I take FM 1413 to 146 everyday and there is always vehicle going well above the speed limit. If they left early that might have been prevented. Rip to all those that lost their lives, very unfortunate that most likely all these people were going to work and now won’t make it home to their loved ones. Prayers for the families

  5. Most of the head on accidents where a driver veers into on coming traffic is due to texting or talking on their phone…they almost always find the dead still clutching their phone…sad!!! now days we have to assume that a vehicle can come into our lane at any given time …slow down,be attention.

    • Understanding what? That a piece of shit decided to steal a vehicle and kill my brother and two other hard working men as well…

  6. Most of the law enforcers are always get a free time on duty thou not are protect and serve, they just wait from the dispatchers and let bad things happen to anyone
    You think that they deserve to be a hero…….

  7. If your gonna blame the cops you might as well blame Trump too. Of course it’s not the fault of the driver. You can’t tell me that all of you whining about their speed NEVER speed yourself.
    Can’t you shut your yap long enough to pass condolences onto those who lost their lives without pissing and moaning about who’s fault it is or isn’t?
    Pray for the families of those who lost their lives. May you Rest In Peace God bless.

    • What you can do is shut your mouth . We have already had this argument. There are 3 lost loved ones who are not buying your garbage. The police NEVER patrol this area as a results people die all the time on these roads. The thin blue line is getting kinda fat if you ask us adults.

  8. I have a solution for the aggressive driving, I’m more important, your in my way speeders on 146 and 90 early morning drag strips…..electronic speed monitors/cameras all over …catch them all ….no more selective random law enforcement by a police officer that does not work …..dying in a car crash is real world …no one is immune

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