Dayton councilman seeks reelection

Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon (left to right), Councilman and Dayton firefighter Alvin Burress and Dayton Fire Chief Murphy Green show the official plaque the fire department received for earning a prestigious ISO rating. For the first time in the city's history, the fire department's score is a 2 up from the previous 6.

City of Dayton Councilman Alvin Burress is announcing his intent to seek reelection for Place 3. Burress joined the City Council in 2017, having been appointed to fill the place vacated by Dwight Pruitt. He was reelected in 2018.

Burress, a 12-year resident of Dayton, is a process technician for Covestro, where he also serves as an EMT and rescue firefighter. He is a 10-year member of the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department and a board member for the Dayton Community Development Corporation.

As a property owner in the city of Dayton, Burress vows to be fiscally conservative and is mindful of how every tax dollar is spent.

During his tenure, the City has received over $8 million in grant funding, including a $4.8 million infrastructure grant, and $3 million in Safe Routes to School funding.

He has worked with Council to approve and implement infrastructure improvements totaling over $2 million include road, drainage, water and wastewater projects, as well as facility improvement and beautification projects.  

“Serving the residents of Dayton is both a privilege and an honor for me,” said Burress. “As an advocate for public safety, I am especially proud of assisting the DVFD in achieving an ISO rating of 2, which is a significant accomplishment for any fire department, let alone an all-volunteer one.”

The ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating is a score from 1–10, which indicates how well-protected a city or community is by the fire department, with 1 being the highest rating possible. An ISO rating of 2 puts Dayton in the top 5 percent of all fire departments in the U.S.

“Councilman Burress has advocated for superior public safety services for the residents of Dayton, including significant investments in police department equipment and technology. Most recently, he was the driving force in securing improved EMS services that included an ambulance and paramedic staff dedicated to Dayton residents.  Response times with the new EMS service have dropped significantly,” according to the official statement regarding his reelection campaign.

“Burress is dedicated to ensuring Dayton’s growth is both responsible and well-planned. As part of that, he knows that the City must encourage new development while balancing the needs of current residents and our historic commercial core,” the statement continues.

Alvin and his wife, Dana, have lived in Dayton for 12 years with their two sons, Phoenix and Remington. Dana taught second grade at a private Christian school before retiring and now works part time for Dayton ISD as a substitute teacher for elementary-age students because she “loves all of her babies.”

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