Reaves seeking reelection as Pct. 3 commissioner

James "Boo" Reaves

James “Boo” Reaves, the incumbent Pct. 3 commissioner for Liberty County, is seeking reelection in the March 3 Republican Primary.

“It has been my privilege and pleasure to have served as your Pct. 3 commissioner for the past three years. I have lived in Cleveland my entire life where I have owned a business, served on the Cleveland City Council and served on various community boards including the Cleveland Livestock Show,” Reaves said in his announcement. “I have always enjoyed working to make our community better and it has been my desire for many years to serve as your commissioner.”

According to Reaves, when he campaigned for the position of commissioner, he promised that he would be a hands-on, working-in-the-field commissioner. He has worked hard to carry out that promise.

“During my tenure, the county has experienced tremendous growth and suffered severe storms like Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda and other repeated flooding events that have all created big challenges for our precinct, both monetarily and physically,” he said.

During Hurricane Harvey, Reaves says he partnered with State Rep. Ernest Bailes to secure large trucks of supplies to be delivered to the citizens of Pct. 3. He also assisted in many high water rescues.

“Since the storms, our precinct applied for and was awarded a grant for an airboat to be used for future rescue needs,” he said. “We have also added and currently operate two mosquito control units to help alleviate the mosquito population,” he said. “The other commissioners and I are now in the process of trying to create a drainage district to deal with huge flooding problems facing our county.”

Trying to pay for, restore and repair damages to properties, roads and bridges has been a large task, which he believes has been met with lots of hard work. To deal with the problems head-on and improve precinct operations on a very limited budget, the county has instituted many cost-saving programs that have allowed the county to upgrade facilities and equipment, and improve road and ditch maintenance and repairs.

“In our precinct alone, we currently maintain 335 county roads and approximately 1,100 cross pipe culverts. Hundreds of miles of mowing and ditch clean-outs continue daily. Pipeline construction areas and road usages are also maintained and repaired on a regular basis,” Reaves said. “All of these measures are just part of the work being carried out on behalf on Pct. 3. Many new challenges are facing Liberty County. With your vote, I look forward to continuing to serve as your commissioner and to meet these challenges and create a better future for all of Liberty County Pct. 3.”


  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish! So now, where is this airboat sitting at cause I haven’t seen it out in or near the City of Plum Grove to date???

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