Churches hold Sunday services despite Coronavirus fears

Gene McKinzy raises his hands in worship outside of Moss Hill United Pentecostal Church on March 22. With limitations on how many people could be gathered inside the church building because of coronavirus concerns, church members stood outside - a safe distance from each other - and listened to their pastor, Rev. Mike Mahaney, as he preached a sermon about faith over fear.

Several Liberty County churches got creative with their Sunday services in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Some churches opted to stream their services online while others held drive-in and outdoor services.

Pastors shared messages about faith over fear, trying to encourage members to trust in God in the uncertain days ahead.

Below are photos taken at two of the services attended by Bluebonnet News – at Moss Hill United Pentecostal Church and CTC: Church That Cares in Tarkington.

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