Hardin Water Supply office closed, halting disconnects at this time

Hardin Water Supply has closed its office to the public for at least the next two weeks. Staff is still answering the phones and will continue to work to meet the needs of the community; however, there will be no drive-thru service in an effort to further protect employees and customers.

Dropbox payments will be accepted. The dropbox is located on the left side of the front door at Hardin Water Supply’s office in Hardin.

For bills going out at the end of March, which are due April 15, there will be no late fees added and disconnects for non-payments are being halted at this time. Late fees have already been added for the bill that was due on March 15 and there will be no credit for those.

The convenience fee for using debit/credit cards called in over the phone are also being waived. This will also apply to accounts paid for the April 15 due date. Customers are asked to pay their bills via card call-ins if at all possible.

For other services that are needed, such as leaks, new services, line locates, please call Hardin Water Supply at 936-298-2148 during normal business hours. Staff are working their normal schedule and should be available for phone calls during this time.

Emergency calls can be made at 936-334-2061 and 936-346-7054. Operators are still maintaining normal operations so customers can receive the best service possible during this time.

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