Efforts to bend the curve continue at the City of Dayton

Dayton police officers are assisting with medical calls.

The City of Dayton, along with the neighboring cities of Cleveland and Liberty, and Liberty County are working together as they receive new information in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cities are also working with Federal and State partners, as well as cities in the region to respond to the needs of the collective public health.

Liberty County has issued a “Stay Home Stay Safe” Order, similar to what the public knows as a “Shelter in Place” order. The rules that have been implemented are essential in the efforts to work with area health care providers.

“Our hospitals and all hospitals’ staff are depending on residents to abide by these rules. The Federal government is working hard to supply all states across the United States with the medical equipment and personal protective equipment necessary to combat this new virus,” according to a statement the City of Dayton.

City of Dayton workers are keeping everyone safe and healthy by cleaning and sanitizing.

“The City of Dayton is sensitive to the needs of our local businesses. Our small businesses are a vital part of our economic vibrancy as a community. The Dayton Chamber of Commerce and Dayton Community Development Corporation have been instrumental in providing information to the public for a “Takeout Guide” of restaurants in Dayton.  The City Council has passed a resolution asking Governor Abbott to suspend rules in regard to Economic Development funds so that we may help local businesses in this time of great need. Dayton city government is continuing to operate and provide vital services so that businesses, schools, and other organizations can provide essential services to residents,” the statement continues.

The City Council has authorized the City Manager to work with staff on a case-by-case basis with utility bill accounts that are in danger of cut-offs during this declared disaster.  Accounts cannot have their bills waived, but cut-off of services due to non-payment can be delayed. 

Over the coming weeks, the City of Dayton is asking that families stay home.  The City will provide information through social media and the City website about resources that the City of Dayton has for residents.  The library has an online catalog of e-books available to those with library cards. There are great online resources to national parks and museums around the world that the City will be highlighting as resources as well. 

“Uncertainty has destabilized our stock markets, employment base, industrial output, and consumer confidence,” said City Manager Theo Melancon.  “If we all chip in and do our part to bend the curve, we can lift the disaster declarations much sooner than if we do not respond accordingly. Once we achieve that, we can move forward with the task of reestablishing our economic might, locally, regionally, and nationally. Thank you all for your continued support, it is what keeps the Council and staff going.”

Residents can find the most current information from the City at www.daytontx.org

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