Liberty County correctional officer accused of sexual relationship with prisoner, resisting arrest

An investigation by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has led to charges against a correctional officer working for The Geo Group, which manages the Liberty County Jail.

According to a statement from Sheriff Bobby Rader, the correctional officer – Jade Alexandra Cole, 23 – is charged with Violating the Rights of a Person in Custody, a state jail felony, and Resisting Arrest, Search or Transportation With a Deadly Weapon, a third degree felony.

Cole became the subject of the investigation after a complaint was made to the sheriff’s office. An inmate in the jail admitted to having a sexual relationship with Cole. He reportedly also told the investigator that Cole was pregnant with his child and that she had provided contraband items, including a cell phone, to him and other inmates.

“The inmate provided a cell phone that included the GEO employee’s personal cell phone number. A statement was made that the GEO employee was also having sex with another inmate,” Rader said.

Cole denied the relationships with inmates during questioning by the investigator. She reportedly claimed she was pregnant by a “guy from Rosenberg,” the sheriff said, adding that the investigator followed the claim but could not substantiate it.

Working with administrators with The Geo Group, the investigator determined that Cole had violated the rights of a person in custody and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Rader said that Cole met the investigator at the Cleveland Annex.

“She was in the annex parking lot sitting in her vehicle when the investigator advised her to step out of her vehicle, that she was under arrest. The defendant refused to exit the vehicle. When the investigator attempted to open the driver’s door, the defendant locked the door. The investigator then reached inside the vehicle through an open window in an attempt to open the door,” Rader said. “The defendant then put the vehicle in drive and began to leave, pulling the investigator with her. More commands were given for the defendant to stop, but she continued to drive away.”

Another LCSO investigator reportedly blocked the exit of the Cleveland Annex with his patrol vehicle. After a brief struggle, Cole was arrested.

Cole was booked in at the Liberty County Jail and bonds were set at $5,000 for each charge. She has since bonded out of jail.

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      • I’m black. It’s time for for black people like yourself to stop making everything racist when people like yourself is more racist than the people you accuse

    • I don’t feel sorry for the inmates. That’s the norm to find the homely ugly guards befriend them and use them. Never feel bad for someone who took someone else’s life and then play crazy. Looks like he ain’t crazy. And looks like she was very thirsty for some sexual action. Now y’all can be pen pals.

  1. He seem a weak woman and he went for it but got mad when she wasn’t just with him!!! Behind those walls inmates know who is prey and who is not??? She is wrong, but so was he…

  2. I don’t feel sorry because it had nothing to do with her self he was mad because she wouldn’t do something he wanted n felt like snitching her out he sad for playing his dirty ass games but that lets u know men behind bars still ain’t shit HE WAS JUST AS WRONG AS HER

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