Rotary Club of Cleveland recognizes students of the month

Cleveland Rotary Club's New Generations Chair Ernestine Belt presents certificates to students of the month.

Last September, the Rotary Club of Cleveland began to recognize student of the month from Cleveland High School and Tarkington High School. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rotarians were not able to meet in March and April, but did start meeting again on May 6. On May 20, the club recognized the following students for the months for March, April, and May:  Hailey Good, Jorge Hernandez, Colby Goodman, Savannah Davis, Tatiana Jones, Jesse Whitten, Micah Hare, Madison Willis, Brianna Mattis, Cameron Baker, Shilo Bradford, and Richard Guzman.

New Generations Chair Ernestine Belt presented to those present with a certificate and a framed copy of the 4-Way Test.  Students not present will receive their certificate and 4-Way Test at a later date. 

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