Man drowns while trying to rescue girlfriend

A Sunday evening outing of friends at a pond known locally as Spider Pond off CR 3995 in north Liberty County turned tragic when 24-year-old George Reed drowned while attempting to rescue his girlfriend who he thought was drowning.

The emergency call came into the Liberty County Sheriff’s Dispatcher at approximately 7:55 p.m. Sunday evening from witnesses at the scene.

LCSO patrol deputies responded and an immediate search by first responders was conducted.

Witnesses told the deputies that Reed saw his girlfriend doing the backstroke and thinking she was about to drown, he jumped into the water to help her even though it was reported that Reed did not know how to swim.

Investigators Sean Mitchell and Ann Marie Mitchell led the on-scene investigation as the search resumed. The water search continued early this morning by the Texas Game Wardens using side-scan sonar, the City of Cleveland Fire Department and Montgomery County divers.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., game wardens located Reed’s body, which was recovered by Montgomery County divers shortly thereafter. Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Judge Ralph Fuller ordered an autopsy.


  1. First of all my brother loved the water and he knew how to swim and whom ever reported that he didn’t needs to stop saying that I’m his one of his older sisters Rebekah Reed

  2. George was a great kid gave to biggest hugs and i could See him doing anything to help anyone he was raised a great gentle man with great manners and a heart of gold

  3. George was a family friend of ours. We went on plenty of lake trip. He knew how to swim ! That’s a lie. Im glad they are investigating.

  4. George knew how to swim. He was like a fish in the sea. They need to stop lying already and tell what really happened.

  5. If he was trying to save his girlfriend but she was fine and wasn’t drowning….. did she or why didn’t she try to save him??

  6. Something isn’t right about this report? If the Sheriff’s Department is going with this story, the Rangers need to be called in.

  7. George was a Sweet kid, kind and ready to help anyone. Loved his momma and his best friends. And as they put it “we’re brothers from another mother”!! He is greatly missed already.

  8. Very sad story praying for the family and friends..And I hope they find out what really happened to this man ..

  9. Sad story
    How is it that they searched for his body couldn’t find him and the next day they found him in the same spot they were searching
    Sounds to me like they hid the body and when the cops couldn’t find him they put him back or tried to clean up something!

    • This is false Information I knew George for a long time. In fact before he left the shepherd arrar way back then. We swimmed in a pond and he knew how to swim this was like back in 2013-2014

  10. Where in the article does it say that they found the body in the same place they already searched? Y’all need to stop assume this was a murder or hate crime or whatever you think it was! I was there from the minute George showed up to my brothers birthday party and they both acted like they knew each other for years laughing and having fun and just wanted to go swimming since everyone was going home. None of those kids would ever be capable of such a thing and y’all are horrible people for assuming such a thing

  11. My son was 23 at the time of death his birthday is 9/30/96. My son loved the water and he would have never jump in if he didn’t know how to swim. He had a big heart and loved everybody. The last days of his life was beautiful he was all smiles and laughter he loved his girlfriend and he would do anything for her even risking his life to save hers. He would do that for anybody that is just who he was. He will be missed but never forgotten. His spirit will live on. RIP George. Bradford Theodore Grayson Reed. You’ll always be my baby and please tell everyone in Heaven we missed them to. Now he is in his heavenly home.

  12. Doesn’t make any sense if he doesn’t know how to swim trying to save his girlfriend from drowning..
    If he would love his girlfriend to death he wouldn’t save her from drowning with her together in water like a suicide…..
    This is a foul play and a lying couple witness…
    The investigators need to look over again …..
    The witnesses need to take the lie detector …..

  13. Just leave it alone no one did anything to harm that you it was an accident and that’s all there is to it

  14. I grew up at this pond.
    My house set in front of it for years.
    This story just seems really off to me.
    I can’t see anyone not being able to get to him to help him in time or him not being able to doggy paddle to a place he could stand .
    The middle was deep but the sides
    Could stand on.
    The comments make me even more suspicious. Rip.
    I hope this is investigated more.
    I’m so sad to learn this happened where I grew up.

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