Opinion: Sheriff calls on everyone to work together, overcome racial strife

The racial divide that is taking place makes me sick.  I have friends on both sides that I would have never thought would turn against each other.  Young adults that I coached and/or taught in bible class have said and done things that have shocked me.  Many of those young adults are friends of my children and spent the night at my house, ate meals with my family, laughed and had a good time.  We never any racial issues.  Now it seems that if someone has a different color skin that somehow we have become enemies.  

There are statements being made that we should only do business with business owners that are the same color that we are. Really? What does that accomplish?  Do you think that the business owners want to discriminate? 

Everyone can use statistics to prove their cause.  As you probably are aware, numbers can be twisted around.  I do not see how population of a race vs. police shootings can be accurate.  I would think that a more accurate figure would be the number of calls that law enforcement officers make would be more accurate.  There are areas in our county that we get more calls in than others. There are areas where Whites are the majority.  There are areas where Blacks are the majority and areas where Hispanics are the majority. 

If we have an incident in one of those neighborhoods, then the statistics would show that race to be the most prominent for police action.  An “Unarmed” person is also a thing that is brought up.  Have you had a conflict with a person that was stronger, bigger and tougher than you?  Have you had to fight someone so high on drugs that you were no match for their drug-induced strength? Have been to the point in a fight that you thought that you were going to die?  The person is “unarmed” and using their fists.  They are hitting you so hard that you are about to lose consciousness. Or maybe you are being choked to death.  

If the only recourse was to shoot that person so you could live, would you?   A person may be “unarmed” and still be a threat to your life.  Skin color is not a factor if you are in fear of losing your life.  Thomas Sowell said; “One of the first things taught in introductory statistics textbooks is that correlation is not causation.  It is also one of the first things forgotten.”

I do not know of any instance in Liberty County, Texas, where a “white” law enforcement officer shot and killed a “black” that was unarmed (or armed for that matter).  None.  If it happened before my time in Liberty County, then I apologize for not knowing.  Yet, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputies and all of the law enforcement officers in Liberty County are being held accountable for the actions of a law enforcement officers in Minnesota and other places.  How is that fair?  Would it be fair for all law enforcement officers to hold a profession or race accountable for the times a law enforcement officer is killed?   

I respect your opinion.  What I am seeing is that if a person does not agree with someone else’s view, they become an enemy.  Also, that threats are made, property is destroyed and friendships are either stressed or forever ruined.  I respect your right to protest.  As you are aware, on July 7, 2016, law enforcement officers in Dallas were protecting a peaceful protest in reference to the killings of two black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota.  It was a protest organized by the Next Generation Action Network and there were about 800 protesters.  There were no problems between the protesters and the police.  

A black male who wanted to kill white officers because of the shootings in those other states opened fire.  There were five officers killed and seven officers wounded.  What did the Dallas officers have to do with those shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota?  Nothing!  Yet they died.  President Obama praised the Dallas police as heroes and called the killings “an act not just of demented violence but of racial violence.”   No rioting took place because the officers were killed.  In fact, I remember everyone working together.

There are all kinds of troubles we could address.  To mention a few, the shootings in Chicago, the unemployed that are struggling to pay their bills, the many diseases that are affecting so many people, politicians that are elected to represent us but can’t agree with each other even if the opposing party has a good idea, and the fact that family violence and thefts have increased during the “stay at home” order. 

Add the distrust for one another and it is not hard to see that we are in trouble as a nation.  Working together is what we need to do now.  That includes everyone not just a few.  In my opinion, All Lives Matter!  That includes all nationalities.  If you fit the description, read James 5:16. 

Thank you,

Bobby Rader – Sheriff

Liberty County, Texas

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    • Sheriff Of Liberty County, its easy to say those words when the police brutality is not happening to your kind. Yes I want justice for all my people that deid by the hands of white racist cops. This has been happening to my black people since the day of times and we are sick of it. Its like you saying just because it didn’t happen in Liberty County we are good and we shouldn’t be upset about these issues. Well I’m here to tell you that’s not true. The racism here in Liberty County has always been here, so please dont act like it hasn’t. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.

  1. The think the main stream media is try it’s best to devide this country. the action of few. Doesn’t for all black or white .for most of us we do not of black or white or any other or race . It is of the person them self.so let’s stop the madness. Get on to building lives. Together we standing .devide we will all fall.

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