Hospital CEO arrested Monday night on child sex assault charge

Liberty police are conducting an investigation of an allegation of Sexual Assault of a Child, a second degree felony, which resulted in an arrest of a Liberty man.

Liberty police began an investigation on May 21, 2020 of an allegation of Sexual Assault of a Child which occurred at a local residence in Liberty, Texas. The lengthy investigation led to the arrest of Matthew Allen Thornton, 38, from Liberty.

Thornton was arrested on June 22, 2020, and transported to the Liberty County Jail without incident where his bond was set at $25,000.

Matt Thornton

The Liberty Police Department is working with the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office in this investigation.

Thornton, the CEO of Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center and Liberty County Hospital District No. 1, has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation of the Liberty County District Attorney’s office of a non-hospital related accusation, according to a statement from Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical.

Ray Mason from Midland has been hired as the interim CEO of the hospital.  Rhonda Campbell, COO, will be over the hospital administration during this time. 

“Be assured that we, Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center, will continue to provide excellent and compassionate care to our community,” the statement ends.


    • I dont know this dude but all people are innocent until proven guilty folks. There have been numerous cases where people have been falsely accused and their lives ruined by it. Im just saying. Yall got the man guilty without even knowing the facts. Leave that to the court where it belongs. SMH execute him? Really? Not even gone before a judge yet. Thats like putting the cart before the horse.

      • You must have been a juror on some of those child molesting cases where ex DA Pickett was giving Child molesters 5years or probation

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