Cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty extend mask order indefinitely

Starting at midnight, July 23, a new mask order in the cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty will go into effect, thus replacing the expired mask order that was in effect for all of Liberty County until last week.

The new order, signed by Cleveland Mayor Richard Boyett, Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck and Liberty Mayor Carl Pickett, requires all commercial entities inside the cities that provide goods and services directly to the public to develop and implement a health and safety policy. The purpose of the order is to help curb the number of COVID-19 cases in Liberty County.

“The policy must require, at a minimum, that all employees, customers, vendors and visitors, ten (10) years of age or older, wear face coverings over the nose and mouth when accessing areas of the commercial entity’s premises that involve close contact or proximity to employees or members of the public, where six feet of separation is not feasible,” the order states.

Some of the recommended face coverings include face shields, surgical masks, industrial masks, homemade masks, scarves, bandannas or handkerchiefs.

Businesses must post the health and safety policy in conspicuous locations to provide notice to employees, customers, vendors and visitors. Any business not in compliance with the order after midnight July 23 may be subject to a fine not to exceed $500 per violation.

The order does not have an expiration date. Instead it say the order will continue until it is modified, amended, rescinded or superseded.

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    • That’s right and when you walk through restaurant doors it’s a portal on the other side we’ve called peace treaty while we eat Rona won’t get us either lol

    • If you have a child under 10, you as the parent can still make the child wear a mask. It just isn’t mandatory.

  1. I’m just wondering if the mayors are ready to be sued for this order when people start getting upper respiratory infection because of their over stepping people’s civil liberty’s. And what about people with ptsd, asthma and search things like that

    • If you have medical issues that prevent wearing a mask that’s all you have to say because hippa law I don’t have to go into detail of my medical issue

      • If you have medical issues, should you be out and about?
        By the way, it is:
        Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)



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    We need to start treating it as the lie it is.
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    • Sounds like a whole load of horse crap to me, these conspiracy theorists need some mental help, they’ve been brainwashed into hating the science behind this and believing there is a higher “being” while there is no evidence of him being real.

  3. Just take your business outside of these cities and start hurting their pocketbooks, they’ll change things.

  4. I just gotta ask if I don’t wear my mask and get an illegally issued ticket of coarse I’m definitely not paying it so then what are you gonna do send me to jail where your letting people go due to covid hahaha 😂 great plan dumb asses

  5. People are so angry at the government about the mask mandate but have no problem spending that small business stimulus money they received. I think I’ll publish all of these small businesses so they can be called out!!!

  6. Funny how people/business owners want to complain about the government mask mandate but they have no problem swiping that stimulus card or using the Paycheck Protection Program and the Cares Act to support their small business!!! In case people aren’t aware small businesses could apply for these programs and received thousands of dollars from the government!!!

  7. If you are a small business owner complaining about your business suffering but are posting on social media about all the things you are buying personally I don’t feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for the employees you you laid off. Money you accepted from the government to help keep your business going not your selfish needs.

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