Machete-wielding man arrested in Moss Hill

Robie Jay Brewer, 46, was arrested by the Liberty County sheriff’s deputies on Monday after he reportedly stood in the middle of SH 146 near Moss Hill and swung a large knife or machete at passing vehicles.

His arrest on July 20, 2020, at approximately 9:25 a.m., came after the sheriff’s office received several 911 calls.

When the LCSO deputy arrived, he reportedly observed that there were several people surrounding the male subject. Some of the people were talking to the man trying to calm him down. One of the people advised the deputy that they had removed the knife from the subject but did not know if he had any other weapons.

The deputy approached the subject and advised him that he was going to be placed in custody. The subject began yelling profanity and advising the deputy not to touch him. Verbal commands were not obeyed. The subject attempted to pull away from the deputy.

A struggle began and the deputy took the subject to the ground. The subject began wrestling/fighting the deputy. A Good Samaritan assisted the deputy and cuffs were placed on the subject. Brewer was identified and placed in the patrol vehicle.

“An investigation showed that Brewer was almost struck by an 18-wheeler when he was in the middle of SH 146. The Good Samaritan had pulled over to check on Brewer. As the Good Samaritan was exiting his vehicle, Brewer approached him with a large knife swinging it in a threatening manner. The Good Samaritan pulled out a pistol from his vehicle to deter Brewer from approaching him. Brewer did stop when he saw the pistol. Another Good Samaritan that knew Brewer talked him into dropping the knife before law enforcement arrived,” the LCSO report states.

Brewer was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Second Degree Felony. He was transported to the Liberty County Jail without incident. This is Brewer’s second arrest by the sheriff’s office within two months. On June 27, 2020, he was arrested on a robbery charge after he reportedly attempted to rob an off-duty Liberty County sheriff’s captain at the Hull Drive-in Grocery store on FM 770 just south of FM 834.

At the time of his second arrest, Brewer was out on bond.

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  1. Your overuse of the expression, Good Samaritan’ is appalling. ‘,citizen’ or ‘ neighbor’ would have sufficed after the first mention of a ‘Good Samaritan’.

    • Wow the negativity in your comment astounds me. “Apalling”….. Seriously. How about “good job” LCSO. AND, Good job ” good samaritan”. This guy was going to be a problem county wide if not for LCSO. Thanks for keeping us safe and secure. As a clerk who works late nights sometimes alone….I totally appreciate the efforts placed forth by LCSO.

      • I totally agree with you. We passed this man in the street, after having to stop because he was sitting on a walker going back and forth in the middle of the road, waving his knife around and yelling at everyone. He is lucky the Good Samaritan did not use the gun he was forced to pull. The man obviously needs professional help. He tried to rob an off duty Officer just weeks ago, and appeared to be manic when we saw him. GOOD WORK OFFICER for getting this danger off the streets.

      • Good job LCSO? It seems like any attaboys should be passed on to the helpful citizen (I’m sure he isn’t an Israelite descendent of any North Israelite tribe). By the time LCSO shows up the man is disarmed, and the only job the deputy had was to detain him. And he ultimately failed at that as well, requiring assistance from … You guessed it! Ok helpful Henry himself. Nobody likes an ass kisser

    • we called the law on him the day he was in the middle of 146 with a small dog and him cussing people out when they would stop and ask if he needed help…then on Sat evening we called because he was on his porch yelling for help. My husband went over to see if he needed help and all he did was cuss him out . The man is nuts.. So how about we send him to live next door to you. then you will need the GOOD Samaritan. Thank you to the good neighbor who helped out the officer.

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