Law enforcement shuts down alleged fake paper license plate operation in Cleveland

Jessica McCarter of Cleveland is charged with Forgery of a Governmental Document, a charge related to false paper license plates she allegedly was selling, according to authorities.

Law enforcement agents from the Liberty County Pct. 5 Constable’s Office, Texas Department of Public Safety and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Auto Task Force served an arrest warrant on Thursday for the owner of a small used car lot in Cleveland.

The owner, Jessica Maelynn McCarter, 25, of Cleveland, is accused of selling fictitious paper license plates through Facebook Marketplace.

“We kept running across a bunch of paper license plates around town. Through our investigation, we found that McCarter was issuing these paper license plates by the dozen,” said Pct. 5 Constable David Hunter. “These plates are supposed to be used for transferring a vehicle.”

Authorities raided this business on the 500 block of Mill Street on Thursday.

McCarter’s arrest came after one of the people who purchased a fake paper license plate provided evidence to law enforcement investigators.

“She rolled over and gave us information on where she got the plates. We followed up, and through our investigation, we found out that this lady was selling the plates for $40 each,” Hunter said, alleging that hundreds of the fake license plates have been sold by McCarter.

McCarter is charged with Forgery of a Governmental Document and may be facing fines and penalties, Hunter said. She is being held in the Liberty County Jail at this time. Hunter said his office will continuing its investigation into the fictitious license plates.

The afternoon brought two more arrests for the constable’s office. Hunter said he and his deputies were running a warrant for Jeanette Barnett, 37, of Cleveland, who had a parole violation for drug charges. After looking for her at her house, they combed the city and found her in the company of a male friend, Paul Landreneau, 47, of Louisiana.

“We stopped their vehicle to arrest her and made contact with her male friend. We found out he had federal warrants out of Beaumont for drugs,” Hunter said.

Both Barnett and Landreneau were arrested and placed in the Liberty County Jail. Authorities also confiscated drugs and drug paraphernalia, the constable said.


  1. Jeanette Barnett my daughter went to school with her younger sister and Jeanette was a pretty good kid growing up and she’s still a good person she just made some bad decisions

    • Bad choices thats what you call making the same mistake over and over again? No lady thats called insanity. Now she’s on Facebook talking about addiction and calling him her fiancee. Wow anyone that knows anything about paul landreneau they will know she’s a dam lie and fool. You see paul may do his dirty but never has been or will be the man shes claiming to be marring hilarious.

  2. I wonder how many of the cops that arrest folks on a daily basis have drove a car after drinking or how many of the people who get on here and see someone get arrested for drugs and say good job to police who are more than likely on some sort of pain medication which is a drug or they are abusive to someone they love or who knows I know Jeannette have known her for about 10 years and she has never not one time tried to steal from me nor has she tried to hurt me or say bad things about people she is a good girl who’s life is different from yalls but not so much that people should congratulate the cops for busting her I mean come on

  3. Sometimes when things like ARRESTS happen to us, we can adjust our thinking and prioritize life differently. Everyone deserves THAT! Stand behind if you care

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