Chambers County has issued mandatory evacuation order

Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia has issued a Mandatory Evacuation Order for at risk areas of Chambers County, effective immediately.

Residents who reside in low lying and flood prone areas and those who live in trailer/manufactured homes are required to move to a safer location.

Residents should follow the Hurricane Evacuation Routes outlined in the attached 2020 Evacuation Routes document.

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  1. I live in chambers county and left town yesterday. I thought i lived in America. I dont believe constitutionally a county judge has the right or authority to force anyone to leave their home or for that matter make anyone do anything as long as they are not breaking the law. I do think the county has the ccx responsibility to strongly advise people to leave, but make TV hem, no.

    • So you left voluntarily or were you forced out of your home by authorities? You left on your own accord, so quit playing the victim card.

    • Vestor, you could’ve stayed home. No police came to your home and forced you out. You left on your own and now you complaining about your own decision to leave. You could’ve stayed your ass home. Stay home next time.

  2. This is what most of the people running around this country want! For the government to do everything for them and to tell them everything to do until it actually happens to them and doesn’t fit their political agenda then they want to bitch!!

  3. I live in Chambers County and the judge’s order is “voluntary” evacuation and highly encouraged to those in flood prone or low lying areas. He is not forcing people out. Don’t make this into something it’s not.

  4. I live in Winnie the last two floods I know how it is it,s bad, please don,t take the risk staying there and lose your life or your family,s too listen to them want they tell you to do an God go with you be safe .A

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