Squabble over barricaded roads ends with arrests in Plum Grove

A contractor works on barricades at CR 5000 at Plum Grove Road on Monday.

Three people were arrested Sunday afternoon after an argument reportedly broke out over roads barricaded by the City of Plum Grove that restrict access to the Colony Ridge subdivisions while road repairs are made on Plum Grove Road, the city’s main thoroughfare.

According to Capt. Robert Dunn, a spokesperson for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, there was “fussing and arguing going on with a bunch of people over the road closures.”

The argument reportedly escalated and resulted in the arrest of Donald Enloe, Calvin Nelson, 52, and Nelson’s son, Craig Brandon Nelson, 21.

“Witnesses told our deputies that Mr. Enloe was trying to run over people with a tractor. At that point, one of the Nelsons jumped up on the tractor and started hitting him to apparently make him stop,” Dunn said.

Enloe was hospitalized after the incident and will be arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon upon his release from the hospital, Dunn said. If convicted, he faces 2 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

According to Enloe’s daughter, Danielle, the stress of the situation caused Enloe to suffer a heart attack.

Plum Grove Road resident Donald Enloe addresses concerns over road repairs at a council meeting on Monday, Aug. 17. Enloe has taken it upon himself to make repairs to city streets to the best of his ability and with limited resources. (File photo)

The Nelsons were arrested for Tampering With a Warning Device, according to Dunn, for allegedly moving a road block that was ordered in place by the City of Plum Grove in August.

While the charge against the father and son are misdemeanors, the penalty may be serious, said Dunn. If convicted, they each face a punishment of up to 2 years in the county jail and a fine up to $1,000.

Sunday’s incident comes after months of contentious meetings with the City of Plum Grove officials, Plum Grove residents, Liberty County Commissioners Court and Colony Ridge developer Trey Harris. Residents of Plum Grove have told commissioners court on numerous occasions that they are frustrated that their roads are being destroyed by the increased traffic from the Colony Ridge developments, an issue compounded by the fact that the City has very little money to make the repairs needed to withstand the heavy traffic. Coupled with damage caused during Hurricane Harvey and other flooding events, the heaviest-traveled city streets now have deep potholes that the City, with Enloe’s help, has attempted to repair with rock.

The County, in return, has offered to make the repairs through an interlocal agreement with the City and County sharing the burden of the repairs, but parties are deadlocked over an agreement.

Residents and city officials are further frustrated that the development has caused a strain on the all-volunteer Plum Grove Fire Department, which has seen its call volume go up from 40 calls in 2010 to 544 in 2019. On Aug. 25, a petition that would have allowed the residents of Plum Grove to vote on the creation of an emergency services district was shot down by commissioners court because the district’s boundaries could not be defined in the way the petition was presented. The ESD, if approved by voters, might have provided additional funding to Plum Grove FD through the collection of taxes.

At that meeting, Enloe warned commissioners of the growing tensions between Plum Grove residents, Trey Harris and the Colony Ridge developments.

“The whole community is sick and tired of what’s going on. We are fixing to stand up for our rights, one way or another,” Enloe told commissioners. “Something is fixing to happen in Plum Grove. Mark that down for today, Aug. 25. Something is fixing to happen in Plum Grove and it’s going to be on y’all’s heads. People in Plum Grove are sick and tired of getting run over. We are not having it any more. No more. None. We’re done.”

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  1. My wife and I drove Plum Grove Road today 9-6-20. The road is terrible, maybe everybody should stop arguing and just fix the road, the Spanish people are here to stay, they have a right to be here. How about let’s try to get along with each other. Vote the people out of office if they don’t work for the people.

  2. Exactly!! Most!! Are illegals and get money and benefits that like me,,a born and raised US citizen! And could NEVER get government assistance!! That’s main reason we’re pissed!!

    • So the main reason you are pissed is because less fortunate people get help that a person more fortunate can’t get that’s why you want blocked roads and to make life difficult for others tbh it sounds like a bunch of racist hicks every time an article is done about this town
      It’s a shame really

  3. If you’re illegal you can’t get benefits its for the children and most illegal that I know don’t receive government assistance they work. If I would of known how shitty this place would be I would have never bought my land here I would just stay in Houston. Not all illegal are bad just like not all white people are racist.

  4. I say if your here illegally then pay your on way. I am not paying for them. My tax money should go for fixing the roads we drive .I think that’s a good place for ICE to start there breaking our laws go to jail. Deport .

    • I lived on county road 2073 for over 20 years it’s never been re paved, just pot n patch and I pay, one house mind ya 2900.00 a year. Over a hundred houses on this road

    • I really wish I had done my due diligence before purchasing land here! It is so sad to me that people here think they are entitled to making a life, owning land, and raising a family but no one else is allowed to.this town is so far behind in the times. I see an area that has the potential to be great, a new school, shopping, gas stations you don’t have to drive long distances for. What makes me sad is that I find that most every articles I have read and most comments I have seen are blatantly about where people are from and this town’s intolerance, racism, and pettiness.
      It’s funny what you’re concerned about
      What about the obvious drug problem in the older neighborhoods
      I’m sure no one is ready for that conversation

      City officials could take this opportunity and make things better but can’t help themselves from being greedy

  5. Just because we are mostly Hispanic does not mean we are all illegal. Us citizens also live in this area. Our tax dollars should be placed to good use. There are some very ugly roads that need fixing and that should be the priority. Let’s stick to solving problems and leaving racial comments aside.

  6. I lived back there and I’m not illegal! Lots of them are not!!! So much racism it’s ridiculous…… They DO pay the taxes. If not they will foreclose on your land in 3 months!!! Do talk shit if you have no idea what you are talking about. Liberty County is getting all the tax and permit money and not doing a thing to help out our area. Corrupt as they can be…

  7. Not all of the people that live in the terenos are illegal. Well at least i am 4th generation American born and raised in texas. And i dont live off. Of the government i work just as hard and i pay my taxes. And my health insurance too
    I dont get anything free. So stop judging people.

  8. I dont care if they r legal or illegal if I have to pay taxes so should they it’s an american nightmare to pay more taxes imagine how much more this community could have if every paid taxes instead of just legal ppl whether white Hispanic or whatever race everyone should pay taxes and plum grove original road has been barricaded for years since Harvey and they cant get their shit together to fix the main rd seriously and since 99 and all these homes been put up its flooded so terribly in that area and they wanna live in America they should do as americans and pay taxes. Point blank the end we need to replace some ppl on the board honestly!!!

  9. County is responsible for right of way maintenance. They should re -pave the road and post LOAD ZONED road. NO VEHICLES OVER 10000. LBS ALLOWED.

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