DPS: 18-wheeler truck driver passes out, narrowly misses north Liberty County home

An 18-wheeler came to rest about six feet from the north Liberty County home of Sheryl Box on Wednesday after the driver experienced a medical emergency. (Courtesy photo)

An 18-wheeler crashed into the front yard of a north Liberty County home on Wednesday, narrowly missing the the home of Sheryl Box, according to State Trooper Nathaniel Godfrey.

Godfrey said that around 10:31 a.m., DPS was dispatched to the 27000 block of SH 146, about six miles north of Moss Hill, after a southbound 18-wheeler crashed through a barbed wire fence, struck an oak tree, hit a truck and then came to rest about six feet from the front porch of Box’s home.

The truck had just left a sand pit on SH 146 when the accident occurred.

According to Godfrey, the driver – 29-year-old Fabiana Corredor, of Louisiana – told authorities he had a medical emergency and lost consciousness for a moment. When medics arrived, he refused treatment at the scene.

Godfrey said the driver was not cited but will have to seek a medical evaluation and take another driver’s license test in order to retain his commercial driving permit. Temporarily losing a commercial license and being retested after a medical evaluation are standard protocols in such accidents, he said.

On Facebook, Box posted, “What a way to wake up – 18 wheeler in front yard.”

Box’s son, Dylan, said at 5 p.m. that crews were still working to undo the damage inflicted by the truck when it careened onto the property.

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