Sheriff’s office releases photo of murder suspect

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating 59-year-old Jose Marin Soriano, the prime suspect in a murder that took place on Sept. 19 at a home on CR 3415 in the Rancho San Vicente subdivision south of Cleveland.

Authorities believe that Soriano is responsible for the death of a young woman whose body was found in a burned-out car near Soriano’s home and for sexually assaulting another woman who was found tied to a bed inside Soriano’s home. The deceased woman was also shot prior to the car fire, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

The two women, whose identities are still being withheld by the sheriff’s office at this time, reportedly had gone to Soriano’s home on Saturday to negotiate with him about some revealing photos he purportedly had of them. When the two women arrived, Soriano allegedly pulled a gun and sexually assaulted the female he had tied to his bed. The deceased woman was killed while trying to escape.

“It appears that in Soriano’s haste to stop the woman from leaving in her car, he left his cell phone in the house and it was his cell phone the rape victim used to call the sheriff’s dispatcher,” said Capt. Ken DeFoor, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office is advising the public to use caution if they see Soriano as he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about Soriano’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 936-336-4500 or the Multi-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP (7867). Tips leading to the arrest of Soriano may be eligible for a cash reward. Tipsters will remain anonymous.


  1. I wonder how many other women he buried. Yea let them come into our country undocumented an this is what you get. And this is the one that got caught. What about those 399 that haven’t got caught yet. And the sad thing is, he will only do 2 weeks in jail. The only country in the world where murder is legal.(IF YOUR AN ILLEGAL ALIEN) There is 2 to 10 of these murders in ever county jail in Texas. Sometimes more than 10. And they all say hold for ice. And you no what that means, a free trip back to Mexico. And the only trouble that hes gotten himself into is trouble getting back into America. Way to go democrats yaw sure got a good system. Dont vote for trump an you can keep this wacky way of doing things.

    • And you know all this for a fact? You know him and you know his immigration/citizenship status? You have a crystal ball and know that he will only do 2 weeks in jail? Because as someone with experience in criminal justice, I’ve seen many people with hispanic surnames who aren’t illegal aliens. I’ve also seen murder suspects be extradited from Mexico. And I’ve seen murderers, both US and non-citizens, get stiff sentences. I have never seen a murder suspect who was duly convicted only serve 2 weeks in jail.

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