Trump supporters to parade around Liberty County

The pro-Trump car parade in Hardin County had between 350-400 vehicles, according to Roy Lee, Pct. 2 Chairman for the Liberty County Republican Party. (Submitted photo)

Liberty County Republicans are hosting a pro-Trump car parade across Liberty County on Saturday, Oct. 24. The parade will start at 3 p.m. at The Lighthouse Church in Moss Hill. From there, it will head south through Hardin and Liberty, taking SH 146, and then heading west on US 90 to Dayton. At the SH 321 (Cleveland Street) and US 90 intersection in Dayton, the parade will turn northward and head to Tarkington, where it will turn eastward on SH 105 and return to Moss Hill.

At normal driving speeds, the route would take about an hour but organizers say they are expecting to drive slower because vehicles will be decked out with flags, banners and signs in support of President Donald Trump.

“We will have to obey all traffic laws. Intersections cannot be closed for the parade, so participants need to be aware that they have to stop for traffic signals and stop signs,” said organizer and Pct. 2 Republican Party Chairman Roy Lee. “I am asking everyone to be on their best behavior. No hateful messages should be written on any vehicles. We just want things that are pro-Trump and pro-America.”

There is no limit on the number of vehicles that can participate, but organizers are hoping to have a vehicle count ahead of time.

“We have a bunch of people who are interested. The more the merrier,” Lee said.

The idea for the parade came after Lee attended a pro-Trump parade in Hardin County last weekend.

“Every other county is doing something like this so I thought Liberty County should do one, too. We are a very red county,” he said. “At the one in Hardin County, the people in the parade were honking and waving, and people turned out to watch it go by. If you can’t make it to drive with us, sit outside and wave at us as we drive by.”

When asked why he felt motivated to organize the parade, Lee said, “Everything in this country is in such turmoil right now and I believe Trump is the best of the two candidates running for U.S. president.”

The route will have the parade reaching Liberty around 3:30 p.m., Dayton at about 3:45 p.m., Tarkington at about 4:15 p.m., and back to Moss Hill at about 4:30 p.m.

“If you are going to participate, you must be ready to go by 3 p.m. Have your banners and flags on your cars by then,” he said.

Parade entry is free and no registration form is required in advance.

For more information, join the Facebook page at or go to the Liberty County Republican Party’s Facebook page at

The pro-Trump car parade in Hardin County had between 350-400 vehicles, according to Roy Lee, Pct. 2 Chairman for the Liberty County Republican Party. (Submitted photo)
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  1. Hummmm…. wonder when the Biden Parade will be? I’ve seen 100’s of vehicles decked out in Trump signs, banners and flags and displaying their support proudly. Not only in the great state of Texas, but in the past few months I’ve traveled through, Mo, Ks & Ok and they support Trump as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Biden supporter displaying like the Trump Train. I did, however, see a banner as big as a semi-truck on a farmers fence the read… Say NO to Joe And the HOE! Hahaha. Quite creative, I thought.

    • Non-Trump supporters don’t need nationalistic flags and meaningless empty slogans & shallow “look at us” gestures. Did you fly W flags? Reagan flags? Romney flags? You’re in a cult and now you need deprogramming. As you delighted in spewing for 4 years, He won. Get over it.

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