Stovall running for Tarkington ISD board of trustees


The race for Tarkington ISD’s board of directors, position 4, is being sought by candidate and longtime Tarkington resident Dwayne Stovall, a 55-year-old sixth-generation Texan whose family came to Texas while it was still Mexico.

“My heritage is that of Texians who fought for Texas independence. I first came to Cleveland in 1992 to compete in the steer-wrestling at the Cleveland Livestock Show and Rodeo, and my wife, Kathy, and I bought property on the Prairie not long after,” he said. “We’ve been married for almost 30 years, in business for nearly 25 years, and lived on the Prairie for nearly 24 years.”

The Stovalls have been members of Oak Shade Baptist Church for more than 20 years and have three children: Taylor, Wyatt, and Jackson. The two oldest attended Tarkington schools from kindergarten through high school, and then graduated from their respective universities with numerous degrees between them. One is practicing law; one is in finance. The Stovalls’ youngest child is almost 14 and is presently being homeschooled due to COVID requirements, but as soon as the masking mandates are lifted, he will return and graduate from TISD like his older siblings. 

“Over the years my wife and I have actively and/or financially supported almost every Tarkington youth organization at one time or another. I was a board member of the TCBA for a number of years, and helped build the current ballpark when the league was moved from its old location to allow construction of the high school. We were also a part of the community fundraiser that placed lights on the largest field,” he said.

Stovall was elected to the Tarkington ISD board in 2012 and served with some of the current board members. He stepped down before his term ended to allow the school to hire his wife, who was special-education certified, semi-retired, and regularly volunteering at the school. She has since fully retired.

Stovall said his core beliefs haven’t changed. He still believes:

  • The federal government should have no say whatsoever in how we Texans educate our children.
  • Being able to afford the best teachers possible is more important than going into unnecessary debt for expensive architecture.
  • A parent’s rights don’t stop when their child enters the school, and the school is there to educate children, not take the place of the parents. 
  • Rights of property owners need to be protected when the push for raising property taxes inevitably comes. And it will come.

“These are not just words. I have a long history of putting my money and efforts where my mouth is. My experience comes, not only from being a past trustee, but from attending the last 10 legislative sessions where I worked on such issues as abolishing abortion, protecting gun rights, getting the federal government out of our schools, and replacing property tax,” he said.

Stovall has spoken to hundreds of members of the legislature, numerous legislative committees, and had the opportunity to address the State Board of Education on the issue of government overreach.

“Budget and overall performance concerns are what started me thinking about running for the board, but seeing the latest budget projection issued by State Comptroller is what made my final decision. The Texas budget will be billions short this session, and we all know legislators do not cut spending, but they will look to raise taxes on land owners and to place more debt on future generations,” he said. With a growing district, budget shortfalls, and personnel issues, we need someone experienced representing our community who will rely on logic, common sense, and data to help make conservative decisions. With your support, I will be that someone.”

Stovall is asking Tarkington ISD voters to remember him when they go to the polls to cast their votes.

“God bless you and your families. God bless Texas, and Go Horns!,” he said.

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