Trump train rolls through Liberty County

The Liberty County Drive for 45 parade in support of U.S. President Donald Trump stretched about three miles as it made its way through Moss Hill, Hardin, Liberty, Dayton and Tarkington.

Roughly 125 vehicles decked out with American flags and pro-Trump banners and signs traveled through Liberty County on Saturday as a show of support for President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

The Liberty County Drive for 45 parade was organized by the Liberty County Republican Party and Pct. 2 Chair Roy Lee. The parade route began in Moss Hill and traveled through Hardin, Liberty, Dayton and Tarkington before circling back to Moss Hill. Lee said that the ages of participants ranged from 3 to 85 with a couple of dogs tagging along with their owners.

The Liberty County Republican Party was represented at the Liberty County Drive for 45 parade by (left to right) Chairman Ryan Daniel, Pct. 30 Chair and Party Vice Chair Sherial Lawson, Pct. 29 Chair Jeff Leblanc, Pct. 21 Chair Lisa Smesny and Pct. 2 Chair Roy Lee.

As the parade made its way up the hill in Dayton, the stream of vehicles stretched more than three miles.

Lee, who was riding in the pilot car with Liberty County Republican Party Chairman Ryan Daniel, said, “I couldn’t see the end of the parade because there were so many vehicles.”

Lee believes the show of support, along with dozens of others across the nation, is proof that President Trump has more support than the polls suggest.

“It shows me that people are in fact voting for the president. The polls are not accurate obviously, just like they weren’t in 2016. We think President Trump is going to win reelection particularly after the last debate where [Democratic presidential candidate] Joe Biden said he was going to phase out the oil industry. That is not going to go well for him in Texas and in other places where the oil industry is an important segment of the economy,” Lee said.

Along the route, Lee said they were cheered on by other Trump supporters who turned out to watch the parade as it passed by.

“There was a ton of energy coming from people. They were excited to see us. People were waving and honking their horns,” Lee said.

To see videos of the parade, click here:

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    • As we all know the KKK was founded by the Democrat party. Don’t get it twisted. Antifa and BLM aren’t programmed? Wake up and take the RED pill. America first. #Trump2020🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

      • We truthfully know that the KKK are Republicans these days and the last four years the Republikkklans have taken their hoods off

      • First of all, it’s DEMOCRATIC party. First clue that you’ve been brainwashed by rightwing hate media. Everything in your reply is a parroting of a RWNJ talking point, so I will just acknowledge that, yes, Democrats had a hand in the early KKK – – OVER 125 YEARS AGO. As little as 65 years ago, the Republican platform was a large tax on corporations. WHERE IS IT? Things change, times change. The Republican Party has been hijacked by the likes of Reagan, Gingrich, now the so-called Tea Party – the rot has set in, we have had enough of this mindset. You really think Louie Gohmert & Matt Gaetz are upstanding citizens or even decent human beings? Briscoe Cain? Stephen Miller? You’ve got to be f’n KIDDING me! Change with the times, or just go back under your rock.

      • This is so backwards it is nearly funny. But nothing about the last 4 years has been funny. Turn off rightwing hate media, throw out the bible & think for yourself. As Pastor John Pavlovitz says, No I am not going to agree to disagree…You are just WRONG.

  1. Hispanic people be careful,Trump wants your vote then he will find a way to send not only illegals, but legals also back to Mexico, he could care less about you or anyone plus the hundreds of children separated from their parents at the border, They barely discuss it anymore, can’t even find the parents. Its really child ABUSE.

    • Wow spreading lies just like your puppet master the criminal democrats. Trump cares about Americans and America NOT LIKE TEH CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY AND MAKING MONEY FROM RIDICULOUS PEOPLE LIKE YOU. SHAME ON YOU

  2. Renee,do some research and don’t continue to be ignorant, I am republican and the rest of the party knows Trump is a thug, sorry to burst that fragile bubble of yours . he’s not worth it.

    • Democrat’s = condescension, insulting, hate spewing, biased, uncompromising, liars. Your time is over! Anyone who understands politics knows, the pendulum always swings back! You can keep trying to push it further left, only to have it swing back harder and farther! Trump 2020, I’ll come back next week, to say I told you so! 🇺🇸

      • The Don? Hey Don? Where are ya? Wheredja go?? In the immortal words of Judge Smails, WE’RE WAAAAITINNNGGGGG!!!!! Now pardon us while we heal this country.

      • Yo The Don! Been a month now, where’s that indomitable Trumpcult righteous swagger?? You & the rest of the braindead morons in this hick county can crawl back under your rocks now, the adults are coming to clean up the mess made by the Grifter In Chief & his band of criminals. YOU’VE BEEN DUPED! Learn something from this experience, or get duped again. It ain’t the Democrats who’ve F’d things up, despite what you’ve been trained to believe by rightwing hate media! So WAKE UP & GROW UP!

  3. There is always people who will come out of the wood works when evil is presented as a way of life they can be proud of. Hate your neighbor and love only yourself. Be ugly to the poor and stomp on them, lock them outside your door and build that wall. hate the homeless and take the food out of the mouths of babies. Lock up the mentally challenged for this is good and worthy of all who love satan and hate the lord God almighty. Lie, and cheat and blame your problems on your neighbors, those democrats. Hate them for they are not worthy of our love., Destroy everything our country has spent decades building. Burn it to the ground, Take away their social security and leave them homeless so we can hate them all the more. When you see a hungry child at the border, turn him away so saith donald trump, They worship and love d trump because he justifies their evil hearts and deeds

  4. I’m glad you can give the whiny baby a rousing going away party! You may as well have a good time as it will be your last. I will be glad to see him go!

  5. Wayne, do your research! Obama and Biden built cages for those children, put them in it and separated them from WHO brought them in, Coyotes, drug cartel etc. So you need to get your facts straight before you unleash trash!
    Just sayin!

    • Laura you don’t know what your talking about. I have drove to Monterey Mexico back in the late 80’s and seen first hand. Children on the side of the road in large groups digging through garbage piles looking for food. Not just a few but hundreds of them I saw, These children need food, love and shelter. Not you excuses

    • Would those be Kellyanne-approved ‘facts’? Just because Fox ‘news’ tells you something, is no reason to believe it is true – in fact it’s sure as shootin’ the opposite. It ain’t the cages lady, it’s what is done with em. Under Obama it was to be a max 72 hours while things were sorted out. The Trump plan, which paper trail & other FACTS prove came into being during his ‘reign’, was to lock em up & throw away the key, with 545 kids still without their parents. As with all things in this Trumpreich, it’s all about the cruelty. Anyone who isn’t red-blooded MAGAcult & totally inline with your skin color or beliefs, must be ‘othered’ & done away with. This has been 4 years of “Blame the ___s” and it’s gotta stop. You’re just too thickheaded to admit you are wrong & have been duped/programmed. You can deny it all you want but facts , like science, are the way it is no matter whether you like it or not. Do yourself a favor, turn off Fox & rightwing hate media, and open your eyes to the horrors being done to this country by these grifters & their Nazi enablers.

  6. Of course they do! But, that is totally different from your remark, that is in Mexico not here. We feed them, we cloth them them we put them through school and what goes on in Mexico does not have anything to do with Trump or anyone else as far as that goes. So keep on rambling about something you need to look into the facts!

  7. Laura you’re out of touch with reality.your arrogant comments(we feed and clothes them)the people you’re talking about Work. I think you’re scared and very insecure, probably your upbringing.

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