3 mauled by dogs over the weekend in San Jacinto County

Dogs are being blamed for attacks that left three people with critical injuries in San Jacinto County over the weekend.

On Friday, a young child was attacked by a pack of dogs in the Lake Run-A-Muck community in Shepherd, and on Sunday, two men were viciously attacked in separate and unrelated incidents in the Lake Run-A-Muck community in Shepherd and Trails End Subdivision near Cleveland.

According to Chief Deputy Tim King with the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, animal control officers, assisted by sheriff’s deputies, picked up the dogs that were responsible for the boy’s attack. The second incident involved a man who was visiting a friend’s home in Lake Run-A-Muck on Saturday while the third incident on Sunday involved a 68-year-old man who was jogging through his neighborhood in Trails End.

“The child was bitten pretty badly but his injuries are not life-threatening. The man in the other Lake-Run-A-Muck attack is in ICU in Conroe. He has puncture wounds and chunks of flesh missing here and there,” King said. “The Trails End man has severe bites all over his body.”

King said that dogs running at large are a problem in the county. The county has an animal control officer, Pct. 3 Constable Sam Houston, but resources are limited.

“The way it works is when we get a dog bite call, if there isn’t an animal control officer on duty, then we will send out a deputy to investigate and the constable will file a report based on our findings,” he said.

The danger of feral dogs should not be underestimated, King said.

“Dogs in a pack can kill a person,” he said.

The sheriff’s office plans to provide an update on the victims on Tuesday. If you live in San Jacinto County and have a concern about dogs running at large in your community, call the Animal Control officer at 936-524-3891, Constable Houston’s office at 281-592-0919 or the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office at 936-653-4367.

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  1. The dogs in Trails End or horrible . We ( as in the neighborhood) has called several times. We get no help . Kids have been bitten several times . No one cares . Officers are called Multiple times but nothing is done . Our kids are not safe even at the bus stops .

      • Shooting a dog doing no more than roaming would be a felony. I’d rather shoot the Muppets who get dogs and then don’t take care of them. Unfortunately, that’s a felony too.

  2. Start shooting them sons of bitches. If they bit one of my neices or nephews I would kill every dog I saw running around.

  3. I live in Campbell Acres and we have numerous amounts of dogs out here some are aggressive they have got under my house and tore stuff up etc. I have been calling and reporting this to both Sherriff and the animal control for over 8 years and nothing gets done and I mean nothing why do we pay Animal control or Deputy’s if nothing can get done over 8 years this is stupid . Its always the same shit not enough resources i would shoot them but its a Felony .. what about people getting attacked ?

  4. In a month they’ve killed my heifers, injured all my cattle, butchered my donkeys today.
    I have pulled up both times this month and have seen the dogs, and I know what they look like.
    The have collars, one had a leash, 1 left his collar on my property. If you lost a collar let me know
    and we can hook up.

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