Dayton ISD staff surprised by unexpected bonuses

Dayton ISD School Board President Linda Harris and Assistant Superintendent Hector Herrera announce the news about bonuses for staff at a meeting with Stephen F. Austin Elementary employees.

All Dayton ISD staff members received an incredible vote of confidence and appreciation from the Dayton ISD School Board on Wednesday. Throughout the day, various Dayton ISD administrators and school board members met with the staff of each campus and all members of support staff throughout the district to deliver the news that brought tears to the eyes of many people.

“Many of the employees expressed their gratitude and that it was an answer to their prayers. We heard many stories from the staff on how they will be using that much needed money.  Some will pay it forward and do something nice for others in need, while others will be using it for medical bills or to provide Christmas for their own family,” said Associate Superintendent Tami Pierce.

With the added stress of COVID-19 and the additional responsibilities that have been placed on teachers and staff due to the pandemic, Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson and the Dayton ISD School Board wanted to show their appreciation to all of the employees of Dayton ISD. This blessing came by giving them a gesture of appreciation that could not have come at a better time.

While other school districts around Dayton are making similar gestures, the Dayton ISD School Board stepped up in a big way. Returning professional staff members from last year, which includes teachers, librarians, and administrators, will receive $2,500. Returning support staff members, which include paraprofessionals, bus drivers, custodial staff and maintenance employees, will receive $1,250. 

The Dayton ISD Trustees wanted the staff members who started this challenging COVID journey last year with students to know that their heroic efforts did not go unnoticed.

“We value their commitment, their loyalty, and their unwavering support for our students, parents, and community throughout the last nine months. However, we are also humbled by the folks that came onboard this school year and have jumped in and tackled the challenges over the last three and a half months. Our staff is very deserving,” Johnson said.

Therefore, new professional staff members to Dayton ISD will receive $1,250, while all new support staff members to the district will receive $625.

“The Board of Trustees realizes the extraordinary efforts that every Dayton ISD employee has made during this COVID time period.  It has been a long and unexpected trial. Staff immediately jumped into action beginning in March and sustained through the spring, summer, fall, and plans for the future months. All employees played a vital role and were essential for the education of our students. We wanted to acknowledge that work, time, and concern,” said Linda Harris, Dayton ISD board president.

Reacting to the news, Athletic Director said, “What an incredible gesture made by our dedicated School Board and Dr. Johnson. It is so nice to work in a district where the employees are truly valued and cared for. This obviously has been an unprecedented school year for everyone and for our School Board to make this kind of commitment to our teachers and staff says so much about the core beliefs of our leadership. Thank you!”

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  1. Maintenance department has had 2 years with no vacation/ non duty days to use at there discretion.Steve Bell and Jessica Yates said “it is easier For Steve and for them.So maintenance has 5/4 days for 4th. of July and 5 days for springbreak.
    When we should be doing inside work.
    Tax payers thanks for the bonus.

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