Colbert Tigers Athletic Foundation’s generosity shines

Joe St. Julian (right) with the Colbert Tigers Athletic Foundation presents a check to Sherry Goff, food pantry coordinator for First Baptist Church of Dayton. The money will help the church feed the hungry in the community.

This year has been an ongoing challenge for everyone. Even during the best of times, there are always people in need of basic essentials like food and shelter.

First Baptist Church of Dayton has been serving our community through its food pantry ministry since 2010. This ministry has progressed from helping an average of 60 families a month to now aiding 250 to 300 families per week – the equivalent of more than 1,000 people. It is staffed by volunteers who distribute boxes of various food items via a drive-thru service.

The church is also visited during the week by homeless people. For such occasions, the food pantry volunteers put together plastic bags with bottled water and lightweight food items that are kept on hand to help those with immediate needs.

To date, the food pantry has been self-sufficient financially thanks to donations from church members, the community and the Houston Food Bank.

One of our faithful supporters is the Colbert Tigers Athletic Foundation (CTAF) whose members come together each year and make a financial gift to First Baptist Church of Dayton’s food ministry.

This year’s gift from CTAF was presented by Joe St. Julian to First Baptist Church’s food pantry coordinator Sherry Goff and arrived just in time to meet holiday season needs.

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