16-year-old charged with shooting other teen in Cleveland

Authorities have arrested and charged a 16-year-old male for the shooting that took place Sunday in Cleveland. He was taken into custody late Sunday night, around 11:20 p.m., by investigators with Cleveland Police Department.

The suspect was transported to a juvenile holding facility in Montgomery County where he is being held for Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, a second-degree felony.

The victim of the shooting, a 17-year-old male, is in a Houston-area hospital and is said to be in stable condition, according to Capt. Scott Felts, a spokesperson for Cleveland Police Department.

“Our Patrol Officers and Investigators quickly went into action to get this shooter off the streets. These cases are often labor-intensive and place a tremendous amount of stress on those working to find the actor.  Even though an arrest is made, the long process of the continued investigation begins. These cases often require our staff to work hundreds of additional hours before they are resolved,” said Police Chief Darrel Broussard.

The shooting took place near the intersection of Beach and Vine streets in Cleveland late Sunday afternoon. The victim was shot in the head as he sat in the front seat of his vehicle.

“The windshield of the victim’s vehicle was observed to have a large bullet hole in the front driver’s side,” the chief said. “Investigators learned the victim had crashed his vehicle into a nearby electrical pole as he attempted to retreat away from the shooter.”

A family member and a friend transported the victim by private vehicle to Texas Emergency Hospital in Cleveland where he was stabilized before being flown to a Houston-area trauma center. 

Officers were able to speak to the victim before he was airlifted, according to Broussard.

“Cleveland ISD Police Department assisted us with providing pertinent information to assist our investigators.  I appreciate their timely assistance in helping to identify the individuals involved in this shooting,” Broussard said.


    • Andy seems like there’s more shooting all over Liberty County now days. We have all these Constables and Deputy Constables but seems like the SO is left to handle it.

  1. Ok…can we please understand that people that shoot other people outside of self defense aren’t concerned with owning or possessing a gun illegally.

  2. The shooters name is Kevin Lopez, He is now 17 and prosecutors were orginally offering 40 years, then 25, and now the offer for a plea of guilty is 8 years with eledibilty of parole in 2026. The shooting was a gang related retaliation after the shooter himself was beat with a bat and shot at but not hit.

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